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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 88, No. 2, February 2005
A truck loaded with scrap metal passes through a gamma detector to avoid potential contamination in recycled materials. See article by A. Clouvas et al. on page 154 for more information.

Contents of February 2005, Volume 88, Number 2


Uranium-Munching Microbes — Ken Kasper


A Review of the History of U.S. Radiation Protection Regulations, Recommendations, and Standards — Cynthia Gillian Jones


Adaptation of the ICRP Publication 66 Respiratory Tract Model to Data on Plutonium Biokinetics for Mayak Workers — V. F. Khokhryakov, K. G. Suslova, V. V. Vostrotin, S. A. Romanov, K. F. Eckerman, M. P. Krahenbuhl, and S. C. Miller

Method for Estimating Ingestion Doses to the Public near the Savannah River Site Following an Accidental Atmospheric Release — A. A. Simpkins

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization-Based Investigations of Individual Doses for Persons Living at Metlino in the Upper Reaches of the Techa River — Marina O. Degteva, Lynn R. Anspaugh, Alexander V. Akleyev, Peter Jacob, Denis A. Ivanov, Albrecht Wieser, Marina I. Vorobiova, Elena A. Shishkina, Valentina A. Shved, Alexandra Vozilova, Sergey N. Bayankin, and Bruce A. Napier


In Situ Gamma Spectrometry Measurements and Monte Carlo Computations for the Detection of Radioactive Sources in Scrap Metal — A. Clouvas, S. Xanthos, G. Takoudis, C. Potiriadis, and J. Silva

Output of Radiopharmaceutical Nuclides of Known Injected Doses from a Municipal Sewage Treatment System — Ayako Nakamura, Naofumi Hayabuchi, Tomoe Osaki, and Susumu Osaki

Measurements of Radioactivity in Books and Calculations of Resultant Eye Doses to Readers — M. Abid Imtiaz, Aleya Begum, A. S. Mollah, and M. A. Zaman


Radiation Protection for Particle Accelerator Facilities — Reviewed by Alberto Fassò

Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency — Reviewed by Lawrence T. Dauer


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