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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 87, No. 5, November 2004
The portal of an underground uranium mine (circa 1952). The natural ventilation in these mines was usually inadequate, and high radon progeny levels led to high lung cancer rates among the miners. See article by Victor E. Archer et al. on page 480 for more information.

Contents of November 2004, Volume 87, Number 5


Breathing Zone Alpha Monitor — Ken Kasper


Internal Dosimetry-A Review — Charles A. Potter

Light Water Reactor Health Physics — Robert J. Prince and Scott E. Bradley


Latency and the Lung Cancer Epidemic among United States Uranium Miners — Victor E. Archer, Teresa Coons, Geno Saccomanno, and Dae-Yong Hong

A Modified ICRP 66 Iodine Gas Uptake Model and Its Parametric Uncertainty — R. P. Harvey, D. M. Hamby, and T. S. Palmer

Specific Absorbed Fractions for Internal Photon Emitters Calculated for a Tomographic Model of a Pregnant Woman — C. Y. Shi, X. G. Xu, and M. G. Stabin

The Deposition and Translocation of Methyl Iodide by Crops — C. D. Collins, A. E. Gravett, and J. N. B. Bell

RESRAD-RECYCLE: A Computer Model for Analyzing Radiation Exposures Resulting from Recycling Radioactively Contaminated Scrap Metals or Reusing Radioactively Surface-Contaminated Materials and Equipment — Jing-Jy Cheng, Bassel Kassas, Charley Yu, John Arnish, Dave LePoire, Shih-Yew Chen, W. A. Williams, A. Wallo, and H. Peterson


Ecological Study of Solar Radiation and Cancer Mortality in Japan — Tetsuya Mizoue


Measurements of Occupational Exposure for a Technologist Performing 18F FDG PET Scans — Talma Biran, Jolie Weininger, Shalom Malchi, Rami Marciano, and Roland Chisin


NCRP Report No. 143: Management Techniques for Laboratories and Other Small Institutional Generators to Minimize Off-Site Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste — Reviewed by Mark Linsley

Assessment of Occupational Exposure Due to External Sources of Radiation-IAEA Safety Guide RS-G-13 — Reviewed by Richard Reciniello


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