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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 87, No. 4, October 2004
WIPP radiological engineer observing an environmental low volume air sampler with the WIPP site in the background. Photo courtesy of Alan Rostro. See article by Robert Hayes on page 429 for more information.

Contents of October 2004, Volume 87, Number 4


Environmental Health Physics-50 Years of Progress — Dade W. Moeller


Dose Audit and Evaluation of Work Practices during Barium Procedures Using Digital Radiography Techniques — Roshan S. Livingstone, Philomina Augustine, I. Aparna, and D. Victor Raj

Radioresistance in Mammals Induced by Low-Level Chronic Irradiation: Modeling and Experimental Investigations — O. A. Smirnova and M. Yonezawa

Application of the ICRP Clarification of the Tritium Metabolic Model — Charles A. Potter

Radiation Protection Principles of NCRP — Kenneth R. Kase

Radiological Assessment of Petroleum Pipe Scale from Pipe-Rattling Operations — I. S. Hamilton, M. G. Arno, J. C. Rock, R. O. Berry, J. W. Poston, Sr., J. R. Cezeaux, and J-M. Park

Estimating the Dose Response Relationship for Occupational Radiation Exposure Measured with Minimum Detection Level — Xiaonan Xue, Roy E. Shore, Xiangyang Ye, and Mimi Y. Kim

Room Model with Three Modal Distributions of Attached Radon Progeny — D. Nikezić and N. Stevanović

2003 Review of Neutron and Non-Neutron Nuclear Data — Norman E. Holden, Richard N. Reciniello, and Jih-Perng Hu


Uncertainties in Doses Due to the Number of Aerosol Particles: Study on 239PuO2 Using Default Parameters for Workers — P. Fritsch

Sorption of 99mTc Radiopharmaceutical Compounds by Soils — Silvia Jurisson, James Gawenis, and Edward Landa


A New Technique for Preliminary Estimates of TRU Activity on Air Sample Filters and Radiological Smears — Robert Hayes


Understanding Radioactive Waste, 5th Edition — Reviewed by Dennis Quinn

Beyond Engineering: How Society Shapes Technology — Reviewed by Edward Waller


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