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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 87, No. 3, September 2004
Summary of the current ICRP system for the protection of members of the public. See article by Abel J. González on page 258 for more information.

Contents of September 2004, Volume 87, Number 3

39th Annual Meeting of the NCRP: Radiation Protection at the Beginning of the 21st Century-A Look Forward


The Lauriston S. Taylor Lectures in Radiation Protection and Measurements — Thomas S. Tenforde

Introduction to the 27th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture — S. James Adelstein

Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture: The Evolution of Radiation Protection-From Erythema to Genetic Risks to Risks of Cancer to...? — Charles B. Meinhold


Welcome — Thomas S. Tenforde


Radiation Protection Principles of NCRP — Kenneth R. Kase

Radiation Safety Standards and Their Application: International Policies and Current Issues — Abel J. González

Radiation Protection Challenges Facing the Federal Agencies — C. Rick Jones

United States Nuclear Industry Perspective on Useful Improvements to Radiation Protection Principles — Ralph L. Anderson

State Perspective on Ways to Improve Radiation Protection Principles — Cynthia C. Cardwell

Medical Perspective on Ways to Improve Radiation Protection Standards — Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Radiation Protection — Lisa Ledwidge, LeRoy Moore, and Lisa Crawford

Current Activities of the International Commission on Radiological Protection — Lars-Erik Holm

Draft Recommendations from ICRP at the Start of the 21st Century — Roger H. Clarke

Future Role of the NCRP in Radiation Health Protection — Thomas S. Tenforde

Summary of Panel Discussion — M. E. Clark


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