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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 87, No. 1, July 2004
The upper River Thames catchment area. See article by J. Hilton et al. beginning on page 33 for more information.

Contents of July 2004, Volume 87, Number 1


Time, Distance, Shielding, and Radioprotectants — Ken Kasper


Radiation Biology: Concepts for Radiation Protection — R. Julian Preston


Estimation of Thyroid Radiation Doses for the Hanford Thyroid Disease Study: Results and Implications for Statistical Power of the Epidemiological Analyses — Kenneth J. Kopecky, Scott Davis, Thomas E. Hamilton. Mark S. Saporito, and Lynn E. Onstad

The Combined Impact on Doses to Man of Multiple, Authorized, Radionuclide Discharges for the Year 1999 Reaching the Upper River Thames, UK — J. Hilton, M. Harvey, and J. Simmonds

Difficulty in Dislodging In Vivo Fixed Radiostrontium — V. R. Sonawane, V. S. Jagtap, D. N. Pahuja, M. G. R. Rajan, and A. M. Samuel

Biologic Monitoring for Urinary Uranium in Gulf War I Veterans — Melissa A. McDiarmid, Katherine Squibb, and Susan M. Engelhardt

Depleted Uranium Dust from Fired Munitions: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties — R. E. J. Mitchel and S. Sunder

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Assessment of Risks from Indoor Radon — D. J. Pawel and J. S. Puskin

Measuring Method of Undamaged Samples for the Radiation Levels of Decorative Building Materials — Mao Yahong, Lin Libin, and Liu Yigang

Effect of a Grounded Object on Radon Measurement — Hirokazu Ichitsubo and Yuji Yamada


Mobile Phones in the Hospital: Improved Mobile Communication and Mitigation of EMI Concerns Can Lead to an Overall Benefit to Healthcare — Joseph J. Morrissey


Solubility Characterization of Airborne Uranium from a Uranium Recycling Plant — Robert Metzger and Leslie Cole


Laser Safety — Reviewed by Ronald H. Reif

Image Quality in Chest Radiography — Reviewed by Anthony B. Wolbarst

Foundations of Image Science — Reviewed by Anthony B. Wolbarst


In Memoriam-Jacob Neufeld

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