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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 86, No. 6, June 2004
A PRESCILA neutron rem meter being used in a field survey. See article by Richard H. Olsher beginning on page 603 for more information.

Contents of June 2004, Volume 86, Number 6


Dietary Intakes of Seven Elements of Importance in Radiological Protection by Asian Population: Comparison with ICRP Data — G. V. Iyengar, H. Kawamura, H. S. Dang, R. M. Parr, J. Wang, Perveen Akter, S. Y. Cho, E. Natera, F. K. Miah, J. Dojosubroto, and M. S. Nguyen

Individual Thyroid Dose Estimation for a Case-Control Study of Chernobyl-Related Thyroid Cancer among Children of Belarus-Part 1: 131I, Short-Lived Radioiodines (132I, 133I, 135I) and Radiotelluriums (131mTe and 132Te) — Yuri Gavrilin, Valeri Khrouch, Sergey Shinkarev, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Victor Minenko, Elena Shemiakina, Alexander Ulanovsky, André Bouville, Lynn Anspaugh, Paul Voillequé, and Nickolas Luckyanov

Limitations on Upper Bound Dose to Adults Due to Intake of 129I in Drinking Water and a Total Diet-Implications Relative to the Proposed Yucca Mountain High Level Radioactive Waste Repository — Dade W. Moeller and Michael T. Ryan

Survival and Bone Tumor Hazard from Internal Deposition of 226Ra in Beagles — E. Polig, F. W. Bruenger, R. D. Lloyd, and S. C. Miller

PRESCILA: A New, Lightweight Neutron Rem Meter — Richard H. Olsher, David T. Seagraves, Shawna L. Eisele, Christopher W. Bjork, William A. Martinez, Leonard L. Romero, Michael W. Mallett, Michael A. Duran, and Charles R. Hurlbut

A Leak Quantification Method Using Sulfur Hexafluoride as Tracer Gas — V. Vishnu Karthik and Andrew R. McFarland

Radon Activity Levels and Effective Doses in the Perama Cave, Greece — C. A. Papachristodoulou, K. G. Ioannides, K. C. Stamoulis, D. L. Patiris, and S. B. Pavlides


Does Malignant Hematopoietic Disease Result from Internal Exposure to 239Pu? — Ray D. Lloyd, Glenn N. Taylor, and Scott C. Miller

Does Low Dose Internal Radiation Increase Lifespan? — Ray D. Lloyd, Glenn N. Taylor, and Scott C. Miller



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