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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 86, No. 5, May 2004
Enzymatic activity (MPO - Myeloperoxidase) in granulocytes in colored blood smears. See article by Snežana Milačić beginning on page 457 for more information.

Contents of May 2004, Volume 86, Number 5


Medical Health Physics: A Review — Richard J. Vetter


Changes in Leukocytes Caused by Tritium Contamination — Snežana Milačić

Uncertainties in Dose Coefficients from Ingestion of 131I, 137Cs, and 90Sr — A. Iulian Apostoaei and Laurence F. Miller

Radiation Dose Equivalent to Stowaways in Vehicles — Siraj M. Khan, Paul E. Nicholas, and Michael S. Terpilak

Dosimetric Quality Control Measurements of 60Co Teletherapy Units in Nigeria — I. P. Farai and R. I. Obed

Management of Spent Sealed Radioactive Sources — Roberto Vicente, Gian-Maria Sordi, and Goro Hiromoto

Determination of the Radon Diffusion Length in Building Materials Using Electrets and Activated Carbon — Konstantin Kovler, Andrey Perevalov, Victor Steiner, and Eugen Rabkin

Assessment of Radioactivity and Radon Exhalation Rate in Egyptian Cement — S. M. El-Bahi


Relative Role of Plutonium Excretion with Urine and Feces from the Human Body — V. F. Khokhryakov, K. G. Suslova, T. I. Kudryavtseva, A. E. Schadilov, V. V. Vostrotin, N. Yu. Lagounova, and A. Yu. Barabanshchikova

Waterborne Radon in Seven Maine Schools — M. J. Norris, V. E. Guiseppe, and C. T. Hess


Credibility of Uncertainty Analyses for 131I Pathway Assessments — F. Owen Hoffman, Lynn R. Anspaugh, A. Iulian Apostoaei, Harold L. Beck, André Bouville, Bruce Napier, Steven L. Simon

Reply to Hoffman et al. — A. A. Simpkins and D. M. Hamby


Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis — Reviewed by Bill Burnett


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