Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 86, No. 3, March 2004
Three-dimensional view of the GSF female voxel model Irene (selected organs) from different perspectives. See article by U. A. Fill et al. on page 253 for more information.

Contents of March 2004, Volume 86, Number 3


Health Physics-A 50-Year Review — Michael T. Ryan


Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter — James E. Turner


Adult Female Voxel Models of Different Stature and Photon Conversion Coefficients for Radiation Protection — U. A. Fill, M. Zankl, N. Petoussi-Henss, M. Siebert, and D. Regulla

Uranium Deposition and Retention in a USTUR Whole Body Case — J. J. Russell and R. L. Kathren

Mathematical Models of the Embryo and Fetus for Use in Radiological Protection — Jing Chen

Fission Track Estimation of Uranium Concentrations in Drinking Water from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan — M. Akram, N. U. Khattak, A. A. Qureshi, A. Iqbal, M. Tufail, and I. E. Qureshi

Elemental Analysis of Egyptian Phosphate Fertilizer Components — S. M. El-Bahi, N. Walley El-Dine, A. El-Shershaby, and A. Sroor


A Comparison of the Results of Regulatory Compliance Inspections in 1999 by the States of Texas, Maine, and Washington — B. J. Brown, R. J. Emery, T. H. Stock, and E. S. Lee


Comment on Article by Theodorsson and Gudjonsson — Arrigo A. Cigna

Reply to Cigna — P. Theodorsson

The Van Pelt Reassessment of Our Lung Cancer vs. Radon Study — B. L. Cohen

Reply to Cohen's Letter "The Van Pelt Reassessment of Our Lung Cancer vs. Radon Study" — Wesley R. Van Pelt


Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism — Reviewed by Carson A. Riland


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