Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 86, No. 2, February 2004
An apparatus for testing the effects of blood flow on skin heating. See article by Thomas J. Walters et al. on page 115 for more information.

Contents of February 2004, Volume 86, Number 2


Effects of Blood Flow on Skin Heating Induced by Millimeter Wave Irradiation in Human — Thomas J. Walters, Kathy L. Ryan, David A. Nelson, Dennis W. Blick, and Patrick A. Mason

Dose Reconstruction by EPR Spectroscopy of Tooth Enamel: Application to the Population of Zaborie Village Exposed to High Radioactive Contamination after the Chernobyl Accident — A. I. Ivannikov, E. Gaillard-Lecanu, F. Trompier, V. F. Stepanenko, V. G. Skvortsov, N. B. Borysheva, D. D. Tikunov, and D. V. Petin

Application of NCRP Air Screening Factors for Evaluating both Routine and Episodic Radionuclide Releases to the Atmosphere — H. Justin Mohler, Kathleen R. Meyer, Helen A. Grogan, Jill Weber Aanenson, and John E. Till

Concurrent Determination of 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra, and Unsupported 212Pb in a Single Analysis for Drinking Water and Wastewater: Dissolved and Suspended Fractions — Bahman Parsa, Reynaldo N. Obed, William K. Nemeth, and Gail Suozzo

Radon Concentrations in Some Dwellings of Tunisia — Michèle V. El May, Neila Chahed, and Sadok Mtimet

Dosimetry of Metal Tritide Particles as Evaluated by the ICRP 66 Model and a Biokinetic Model from Laboratory Rats — Y. Zhou and Y. S. Cheng

Modeling of an Industrial Environment: External Dose Calculations Based on Monte Carlo Simulations of Photon Transport — Zoltán Kis, Katalin Eged, Gabriele Voigt, Reinhard Meckbach, and Heinz Müller

Use of the VIP-Man Model to Calculate Energy Imparted and Effective Dose for X-Ray Examinations — Mark Winslow, Walter Huda, X. George Xu, T. C. Chao, C. Y. Shi, Kent M. Ogden, and Ernest M. Scalzetti


Theoretical Organically Bound Tritium Dose Estimates — T. A. Devol and B. A. Powell

Assessment of the Current Internal Dose Due to 137Cs and 90Sr for People Living within the Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakhstan — N. Semiochkina, G. Voigt, M. Mukusheva, G. Bruk, I. Travnikova, and P. Strand

Strontium Biokinetics in Humans: Influence of Alginate on the Uptake of Ingested Strontium — V. Höllriegl, M. Röhmuß, U. Oeh, and P. Roth


An Analysis of 45 Years of Reported Overexposure Incidents in Texas, 1956 to 2001 — K. Maness, R. J. Emery, and D. Casserly


The Puskin Observation on Smoking as a Confounder in Ecologic Correlations of Cancer Mortality Rates with Average County Radon Levels — Bernard L. Cohen

Response to Cohen — J. S. Puskin, A. C. James, and N. S. Nelson


Retrospective Assessment of Exposures to Ionizing Radiation — Reviewed by Marvin Goldman

Hanford-A Conversation about Nuclear Waste and Cleanup — Reviewed by Ronald L. Kathren

Hanford Site Historic District-History of the Plutonium Production Facilities 1943-1990 — Reviewed by Ronald L. Kathren

University Health Physics, Health Physics Society 2003 Summer School — Reviewed by Mark Linsley



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