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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 86, No. 1, January 2004
A WIPP radiological control technician replacing the filter on a fixed air sampler. See article by Robert B. Hayes and Hung Cheng Chiou on page 80 for more information. Photo courtesy of Alan Rostro.

Contents of January 2004, Volume 86, Number 1


Health Physics-The Second Term — Michael T. Ryan


Watch for Radiation — Ken Kasper


Model Results of Kidney Burdens from Uranium Intakes — Jing Chen, Dorothy P. Meyerhof, and Bliss L. Tracy

Detection of Depleted Uranium in Urine of Veterans from the 1991 Gulf War — R. H. Gwiazda, K. Squibb, M. McDiarmid, and D. Smith

Electron Absorbed Fractions Based on a New Model of the Anterior Nasal Passage — H. M. Moussa, K. F. Eckerman, and L. W. Townsend

Comparison of Retrospective Luminescence Dosimetry with Computational Modeling in Two Highly Contaminated Settlements Downwind of the Chernobyl NPP — I. K. Bailiff, V. F. Stepanenko, H. Y. Göksu, L. Bøtter-Jensen, L. Brodsky, V. Chumak, V. Correcher, A. Delgado, V. Golikov, H. Jungner, L. G. Khamidova, T. V. Kolizshenkov, I. Likhtarev, R. Meckbach, S. A. Petrov, and S. Sholom

Biokinetic Model of Radium in Humans and Beagles — E. Polig, R. D. Lloyd, F. W. Bruenger, and S. C. Miller

Assessment of the Magnetic Field Exposure Due to the Battery Current of Digital Mobile Phones — Kari Jokela, Lauri Puranen, and Ari-Pekka Sihvonen


Partial Site Release at a Power Reactor Facility — Joseph Darman, Michael Whitney, and Richard Dubiel

Curve Fitting Air Sample Filter Decay Curves to Estimate Transuranic Content — Robert B. Hayes and Hung Cheng Chiou


The LNTH is Doing More Harm than Good — Al Tschaeche

Reply to Tschaeche — Antone L. Brooks

Computed Mayak Neutron Doses — Nolan E. Hertel

Reply to Hertel — Dong-Ok Choe

Evaluation of Patient and Staff Doses During Various CT Fluoroscopy Guided Interventions — Stephanie K. Carlson

Reply to Carlson — N. Buls and J. de Mey

Transuranic Isotopes and 90Sr in Attic Dust in the Vicinity of Two Nuclear Establishments in Northern Germany — Michael J. Russell

Response to M. J. Russell — Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake


Operational Radiation Safety Program for Astronauts in Low-Earth Orbit: A Basic Framework — Reviewed by Ralph H. Thomas


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