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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 85, No. 6, December 2003
An in situ gamma-ray spectrometry intercomparison was held in Grand Junction, Colorado in October 1999. See article by P. Shebell et al. on page 662 for more information.

Contents of December 2003, Volume 85, Number 6


2003 Founders Award-Richard J. Vetter — Citation by Gen Roessler and Kelly Classic

2003 Elda E. Anderson Award-Eric W. Abelquist — Citation by William L. Beck

2003 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award Memorialization-Merril Eisenbud — Citation by Norman Cohen, Robert T. Drew, Gerald R. Laurer, and MacDonald E. Wrenn

2003 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award-Ronald L. Kathren — Citation by Herman Cember

2003 Outstanding Science Teacher Award-Steven Schultz — Citation by Brian J. Vetter

2003 Outstanding Science Teacher Award-Bruce A. Seiger — Citation by Thomas O'Connell

2003 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal-Dade W. Moeller — Citation by Edward F. Maher

2003 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2003 William B. McAdams Outstanding Service Award-Herman Cember — Citation by John. A. Serabian, Jr.


An In Situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Intercomparison — P. Shebell, S. Faller, M. Monetti, F. Bronson, R. Hagenauer, C. L. Jarrell, D. Keefer, J. R. Moos, N. Panzarino, R. T. Reiman, B. J. Sparks, and M. Thisell

Cancer Incidence in Municipalities Near Two Former Nuclear Materials Processing Facilities in Pennsylvania — John D. Boice, Jr., William L. Bigbee, Michael T. Mumma, and William J. Blot

Cancer Mortality in Counties Near Two Former Nuclear Materials Processing Facilities in Pennsylvania, 1950-1995 — John D. Boice, Jr., William L. Bigbee, Michael T. Mumma, and William J. Blot

Validation of ICRP Metabolic Models for the Transuranics in a Japanese Population — Shun'ichi Hisamatsu and Yukio Takizawa

Corrections in the Atomic Bomb Data to Examine Low Dose Risk — Gizelle S. Baker and David G. Hoel

Radioanalytical Data Interpretation when the Ratio Reading/Median is Lognormally Distributed — W. Jeffrey Klemm, Allen Brodsky, and D. Michael Schaeffer

Assessment of Health Risks to Skin and Lung of Elevated Radon Levels in Abandoned Mines — A. R. Denman, J. P. Eatough, G. Gillmore, and P. S. Phillips

Estimate of Annual Radon Concentration in the Normal Living Area from Short-Term Tests — Jing Chen


Monte Carlo Determination of the Lead Equivalent for Syrian Building Bricks for Diagnostic X Ray — H. Suman and M. H. Kharita


Problems Encountered During the Calibration of the New Cameco Mobile Lung Counter: Detector Size or Phantom Limitation? — Gary H. Kramer, Steve A. Allen, and Dave Groff


NCRP Report No. 139, Risk-Based Classification of Radioactive and Hazardous Chemical Wastes — Reviewed by F. J. Bradley

Managing Potentially Radioactive Scrap Metal (NCRP Report No 141) — Reviewed by Larry W. Luckett

Planning and Preparing for Emergency Response to Transportation Accidents Involving Radioactive Material — Reviewed by Brooke Buddemeier


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