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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 85, No. 5, November 2003
An apparatus for direct, non-destructive gamma spectroscopy for the determination of radium isotope concentrations. See article by Pravin Parekh et al. on page 613 for more information.

Contents of November 2003, Volume 85, Number 5


A Biochemical-Based Model for the Dosimetry of Dietary Organically Bound Tritium-Part 1: Physiological Criteria — R. B. Richardson and D. W. Dunford

A Biochemical-Based Model for the Dosimetry of Dietary Organically Bound Tritium-Part 2: Dosimetric Evaluation — R. B. Richardson and D. W. Dunford

Influences of Parameter Uncertainties within the ICRP-66 Respiratory Tract Model: A Parameter Sensitivity Analysis — Thomas E. Huston, Eduardo B. Farfán, W. Emmett Bolch, and Wesley E. Bolch

Effect of Source Intensity on Ability to Fixate: Implications for Laser Safety — Brian J. Lund, Harry Zwick, David J. Lund, and Bruce E. Stuck

Long-Term Stewardship of the Environmental Legacy at Restored Sites within the Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Complex — James R. Wells and Henry B. Spitz

Comparative Bias Associated with Various Estimates of Dose to Maximally Exposed Individuals — M. D. Wilson and T. G. Hinton

Natural Radiation Exposure in the Vicinity of Spanish Nuclear Power Stations — L. S. Quindós Poncela, P. L. Fernández Navarro, J. Gómez Arozamena, C. Ródenas Palomino, C. Sainz, J. L. Martin Matarranz, and J. Arteche

A Quantitative Method for Optimized Placement of Continuous Air Monitors — Jeffrey J. Whicker, John C. Rodgers, and John S. Moxley

Increased Radon Detection Sensitivity: Extraction from 200 mL of Water and Liquid Scintillation Counting — P. Theodorsson and G. I. Gudjonsson

Non-Destructive Determination of 224Ra, 226Ra and 228Ra Concentrations in Drinking Water by Gamma Spectroscopy — Pravin Parekh, Douglas Haines, Abdul Bari, and Miguel Torres


Comment On: The Interference of Medical Radionuclides with Occupational In Vivo Gamma Spectroscopy — Dave Horn

Reply to D. Horn — Ayala Canfi

Comment on Paper by Hayes, Haskell, and Kenner — L. R. Anspaugh, E. A. Shishkina, V. A. Shved, M. O. Degteva, E. I. Tolstykh, and B. A. Napier

Reply to Anspaugh et al. — Robert B. Hayes, Gerry H. Kenner, Edwin H. Haskell


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