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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 85, No. 4, October 2003
A multi-windows display of the real-time radiation distribution at the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center. See article by R. J. Sheu et al. on page 485 for more information.

Contents of October 2003, Volume 85, Number 4


Chernobyl: The Future — Ken Kasper


Epidemiological Associations among Lung Cancer, Radon Exposure and Elevation above Sea Level-A Reassessment of Cohen's County Level Radon Study — Wesley R. Van Pelt


Tumors and Other Diseases Following Childhood X-Ray Treatment for Ringworm of the Scalp (Tinea Capitis) — Roy E. Shore, Miriam Moseson, Naomi Harley, and Bernard S. Pasternack

Age Dependencies of 90Sr Incorporation in Dental Tissues: Comparative Analysis and Interpretation of Different Kinds of Measurements Obtained for Residents on the Techa River — Evgenia I. Tolstykh, Elena A. Shishkina, Marina O. Degteva, Denis V. Ivanov, Valentina A. Shved, Sergey N. Bayankin, Lynn R. Anspaugh, Bruce A. Napier, Albrecht Wieser, and Peter Jacob

Corneal Epithelial Injury Thresholds for Multiple-Pulse Exposures to TM:YAG Laser Radiation at 2.02 µM — Russell L. McCally and C. Brent Bargeron

Use of Glazes on Porcelain from Near Ground Zero to Measure Hiroshima Neutron Fluence — J. MacDonald, R. L. Fleischer, S. Fujita, and M. Hoshi

Study of the Radiation Field Characteristics of a 137Cs Irradiator by Monte Carlo Simulation — Miguel L. Rodríguez, Lilian del Risco Reyna, and Carlos E. de Almeida

Moisture Dependence of Radon Transport in Concrete: Measurements and Modeling — I. Cozmuta, E. R. van der Graaf, and R. J. de Meijer


Rapid Identification and Analysis of Airborne Plutonium Using a Combination of Alpha Spectroscopy and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry — Dennis E. Farmer, Amber C. Steed, Jon Sobus, Klaus Stetzenbach, Kaz Lindley, and Vernon F. Hodge

The Measurement of Radon Working Levels at a Mineral Separation Pilot Plant in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh — M. A. Hamid Khan and M. S. Chowdhury

Effect of Torso Adipose Tissue Thickness on Effective Dose in a Broad Parallel Photon Beam — C. H. Kim, I. Chichkov, and W. D. Reese

Progeny Enhanced Deposition Rates Primarily from Increased Particle Diffusivity at High Radon Concentrations — Bobby E. Leonard


Network-Based Real-Time Radiation Monitoring System in Synchrotron Radiation Research Center — R. J. Sheu, J. P. Wang, C. R. Chen, J. Liu, F. D. Chang, and S. H. Jiang

Radiation Streaming and Skyshine Evaluation for a Proposed Low-Level Radioactive Waste Assured Isolation Facility — Matthew Arno and Ian S. Hamilton


Results of a Study to Determine the Impact of the New Dosimetry Performance Standard, N13.11-2001 — Neill Stanford

Response to Stanford's Comments — Rick Cummings

When the "Detection Efficiency" Is Not the "Detection" Efficiency — Joseph J. Shonka, Don M. DeBord, Javid L. Kelley, Michael R. Marshall

Reply to Shonka et al. — Kevin G. Hart


The Traveler's Guide to Nuclear Weapons, A Journey Through America's Cold War Battlefields — Reviewed by John C. Taschner

MRI: From Picture to Proton — Reviewed by William Rooney


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