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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 85, No. 3, September 2003
We proudly dedicate this issue of Health Physics to Dr. J. Newell Stannard, a pioneer in the field of radiation biology and radiation protection.

Contents of September 2003, Volume 85, Number 3


In Honor of Dr. J. Newell Stannard — Michael T. Ryan


J. Newell Stannard — William J. Bair and John C. Taschner


The Concepts of Critical Organ and Radiation Dose as Applied to Plutonium — J. N. Stannard

Internal Emitter Research and Standard Setting — J. N. Stannard


Risk Estimates for Deterministic Health Effects of Inhaled Weapons Grade Plutonium — Bobby R. Scott and Vern L. Peterson

Physical Models and Dose Factors for Use in Internal Dose Assessment — Michael G. Stabin and Jeffry A. Siegel

Radionuclide Speciation in Effluent from La Hague Reprocessing Plant in France — B. Salbu, L. Skipperud, P. Germain, P. Guéguéniat, P. Strand, O. C. Lind, and G. Christensen

Thyroid Cancers in France and the Chernobyl Accident: Risk Assessment and Recommendations for Improving Epidemiological Knowledge — P. Verger, O. Catelinois, M. Timarche, L. Chérié-Challine, Ph. Pirard, M. Colonna, and Ph. Hubert

Application of Fractal and Morphological Methods in Radioecology — Nikolay Makarenko, Lyailya Karimova, and Miroslav M. Novak

Renal Function in Mice Poisoned with Oral Uranium and Treated with Ethane-1-Hydroxy-1,1-Biphosphonate (EHBP) — A. B. Martinez, P. M. Mandalunis, C. B. Bozal, R. L. Cabrini, and A. M. Ubios

A Comparison of Desiccant Materials Used for Monitoring Atmospheric Tritium Concentrations in a Semi-Arid Climate — L. R. Paulus, D. W. Walker, and K. C. Thompson

Dose Reconstruction for Residents Living in Buildings with Moderate and Minor 60Co Contamination in Rebar — F. Y. Hsu, H. Y. Tsai, C. Y. Hsu, C. J. Tung, C. C. Liao, and Y. S. Tsay


Epidemiology of Lung and Larynx Cancers in Coal Mines in Upper Silesia-Preliminary Results — Jan Skowronek and Brunon Zemla

A Field Test of Electret Ion Chambers for Environmental Remediation Verification — L. R. Paulus, D. W. Walker, and K. C. Thompson


Achieving Environmental Excellence: Integrating P2 and EMS to Increase Profits — Reviewed by Susan L. K. Briggs

Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine — Reviewed by William R. Hendee


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