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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 84, No. 6, June 2003
A coal-fired power plant (center) in Ajka town, Hungary. The right of the photograph (fourth stack) depicts a foundry of aluminum. See article by Z. Papp and Z. Dezso on page 709 for more information. Photo courtesy of Istvan Teket.

Contents of June 2003, Volume 84, Number 6


Comparison of Doses and Risks Obtained from Dose Reconstructions for Historical Operations of Federal Facilities that Supported the Development, Production, or Testing of Nuclear Weapons — E. W. Reed, K. M. Thiessen, F. O. Hoffman, and A. I. Apostoaei

Retrospective Evaluation of 131I Deposition Density and Thyroid Dose in Poland after the Chernobyl Accident — Zofia Pietrzak-Flis, Pawel Krajewski, Irena Radwan, and Yasuyuki Muramatsu

Estimate of the Dose-Increment Due to Outdoor Exposure to Gamma Rays from Uranium Progeny Deposited on the Soil around a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Ajka Town, Hungary — Z. Papp and Z. Dezso

A Summary of Evidence on Radiation Exposures Received near to the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Weapons Test Site in Kazakhstan — Steven L. Simon, Keith F. Baverstock, and Carita Lindholm

Modeling Variability and Uncertainty Associated with Inhaled Weapons-Grade PuO2 — James Aden and Bobby R. Scott

Development of Composite Materials for Non-Leaded Gloves for Use in Radiological Hand Protection — David N. A. Dodoo-Amoo, Sheldon Landsberger, John M. MacDonald, and Julio M. Castro

Assessment of the Prompt Radiation Hazards of Trapped Antiprotons — J. Donald Cossairt and Nikolai V. Mokhov

The Interference of Medical Radionuclides with Occupational In Vivo Gamma Spectrometry — R. Kol, O. Pelled, A. Canfi, Y. Gilad, U. German, Y. Laichter, S. Lantsberg, R. Fuksbrauner, and B. Gold

Thermal Modeling of Millimeter Wave Damage to the Primate Cornea at 35 GHz and 94 GHz — Kenneth R. Foster, John A. D'Andrea, Steven Chalfin, and Donald J. Hatcher

Extrapolation of Frequency-Dependent Ceiling Limit Values for Occupational Exposure to Magnetic Fields between 0 and 1 Hz — Cristian Goiceanu and Razvan Danulescu

Recommendations for Radioecological Screening Levels for Terrestrial Plants — John Mauro


Thorium Concentration in Pakistani Diet — P. Akhter, S. Iqbal, S. D. Orfi, H. Kawamura, and N. Ahmad


Comment On: Nonionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monograph (Vol. 80), 2002 — Norbert N. Hankin

Response to Hankin — Geoffrey G. Eichholz


In Memoriam-McDonald Edward Wrenn, Jr. — Citation by Norm Cohen, Ray Guilmette, Gerry Laurer, Paul Linsalata, and Wes Van Pelt

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