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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 84, No. 4, April 2003
The Chernobyl sarcophagus. See article by Ken Kasper on page 419 for more information. Photo courtesy of Ken Kasper.

Contents of April 2003, Volume 84, Number 4


Chernobyl: Facts and Fiction — Ken Kasper


Influences of Parameter Uncertainties within the ICRP-66 Respiratory Tract Model: Particle Clearance — Wesley E. Bolch, Thomas E. Huston, Eduardo B. Farfán, William G. Vernetson, and W. Emmett Bolch

Influences of Parameter Uncertainties within the ICRP-66 Respiratory Tract Model: Regional Tissue Doses for 239PuO2 and 238UO2/238U3O8 — Eduardo B. Farfán, Thomas E. Huston, W. Emmett Bolch, William G. Vernetson, and Wesley E. Bolch

Patient Surface Radiation Doses at Two PET Imaging Facilities — L. Gonzalez, C. A. Cordeiro, E. Vano, M. J. Perez Castejon, A. Jimenez, H. R. Montz, M. Domper, and J. L. Carreras

Long Term Retention Studies of 125Sb Aerosols in Humans — S. P. Garg, I. S. Singh, and R. C. Sharma

Dose Assessment for Inhaling Hafnium Particles Based on Laboratory Rats Study — Y. Zhou and Y. S. Cheng

Evaluation of a High Dose to a Finger from a 60Co Accident — Angela Kinoshita, Carmen Sandra Guzman Calcina, Elza T. Sakamoto-Hojo, Marjori L. Camparato, Cesar Picon, and Oswaldo Baffa

Optimizing the Use of LiF:Mg,Cu,P (GR-200 P) to Measure Low Dose Irradiation in Nuclear Medicine — M. Azzouzi-Idrissi, B. Aubert, J. Chavaudra, M. Ricard, and J. Tajmouati

Rapid Analytical Technique to Identify Alpha Emitting Isotopes in Water, Air-Filters, Urine, and Solid Matrices Using a Frisch Grid Detector — Salvatore C. Scarpitta, Robert P. Miltenberger, Robert Gaschott, and Nina Carte

Evaluation of Radioactive Exposure from 137Cs in Contaminated Areas of Northern Ukraine — J. Handl, D. Beltz, W. Botsch, S. Harb, D. Jakob, R. Michel, and L. D. Romantschuk

Results of Surveys at United States Pulp and Paper Mills for the Presence of Scales and Precipitates Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) — Robert P. Fisher and Dwight B. Easty

Smoking as a Confounder in Ecologic Correlations of Cancer Mortality Rates with Average County Radon Levels — J. S. Puskin


The Role of Scientific Consensus Organizations in the Development of Standards — A. Alan Moghissi, Sorin R. Straja, and Betty R. Love


Modeling of the Dispersion of Depleted Uranium Aerosol — C. Mitsakou, K. Eleftheriadis, C. Housiadas, and M. Lazaridis


ICRU Report 66, Determination of Operational Dose Equivalent Quantities for Neutrons — Reviewed by Norman Rohrig


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