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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 84, No. 2, February 2003
A niobium mining operations area. See article by M. A. Pires do Rio et al. on page 147 for more information.

Contents of February 2003, Volume 84, Number 2


Considerations about TENORM: A Case Study on Niobium Facilities — M. A. Pires do Rio, H. M. Fernandes, E. C. S. Amaral, and E. R. R. Rochedo

Anomalous 235U/238U Ratios and Metal Elements Detected in the Black Rain from the Hiroshima A-Bomb — Yoko Fujikawa, Kiyoshi Shizuma, Satoru Endo, and Masami Fukui

Exposure to Oral Uranyl Nitrate Delays Tooth Eruption and Development — M. M. Pujadas Bigi, L. Lemlich, P. M. Mandalunis, and A. M. Ubios

Uptake of 137Cs and 90Sr in Rice Plants — J. K. C. Leung and Z. R. Shang

Measurements of Accelerator-Produced Leakage Neutron and Photon Transmission through Concrete — K. R. Kase, W. R. Nelson, A. Fasso, J. C. Liu, X. Mao, T. M. Jenkins, and J. H. Kleck

In Situ Calibration of a Low-Level, In-Line, Flow Liquid Scintillation Analyzer — Yoshimune Ogata and Kunihide Nishizawa

An Experimental Determination of FIDLER Scanning Efficiency at Specific Speeds — C. M. Marianno, K. A. Higley, S. C. Moss, and T. S. Palmer

A Comparison between Gross and Net Count Methods when Searching for Orphan Radioactive Sources — Thomas Hjerpe and Christer Samuelsson

Measurements with a GE Detector and Monte Carlo Computations of Dose Rate Yields Due to Cosmic Muons — A. Clouvas, S. Xanthos, M. Antonopoulos-Domis, and J. Silva

Comparison of Sliced Lungs with Whole Lung Sets for a Torso Phantom Measured with GE Detectors Using Monte Carlo Simulations (MCNP) — Gary H. Kramer and Steven Guerriere

Should Radon Be Reduced in Homes? A Cost-Effect Analysis — Hein Stigum, Terje Strand, and Per Magnus

Study of Long Term Radon Transport by Measuring the Difference of the 210Pb and 226Ra Activity in Soil as a Function of the Depth — H. Schulz, L. Funke, A. Schellenberger


Estimation of Radiographic Doses in a Case-Control Study of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia — Susan Preston-Martin and Janice M. Pogoda

Statistical Validation of a Commonly Used Method for Personnel Dosimetry Issuance Determinations — R. A. Gorham, R. J. Emery, C. E. Ford, S. P. Cooper


Post-Exposure Medical Surveillance of Workers Exposed to Ionizing Radiation — Nicola Magnavita

Response to Magnavita — Jixian Wang


Medical Basis for Radiation-Accident Preparedness — Reviewed by Joseph Ring


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