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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 84, No. 1, January 2003
See article by A. C. James et al. on page 2 for more information.

Contents of January 2003, Volume 84, Number 1


Ludlum's Model 2360 — Ken Kasper


USTUR Case 0259 Whole Body Donation: A Comprehensive Test of the Current ICRP Models for the Behavior of Inhaled 238PuO2 Ceramic Particles — A. C. James, R. E. Filipy, J. J. Russell, and J. F. McInroy

Estimation of Actinide Skeletal Content in Humans Based on Bone Samples Collected at Autopsy — R. E. Filipy, J. R. Alldredge, C. A. Hall, J. F. McInroy, S. E. Glover, and S. Qualls

Thyroid Cancer Incidence among Adolescents and Adults in the Bryansk Region of Russia Following the Chernobyl Accident — V. K. Ivanov, A. I. Gorski, M. A. Maksioutov, O. K. Vlasov, A. M. Godko, A. F. Tsyb, M. Timarche, M. Valenty, and P. Verger

A Method for Estimating Occupational Radiation Doses Subject to Minimum Detection Levels — Xiaonan Xue and Roy E. Shore

Computer Simulation and Experimental Studies of Implanted 210Po in Glass Resulting from Radon Exposure — Birgitta Roos and Harry J. Whitlow

Gas Mixing for Achieving Suitable Conditions for Single Point Aerosol Sampling in a Straight Tube: Experimental and Numerical Results — M. Anand, A. R. McFarland, and K. R. Rajagopal

Cosmic-Ray-Induced Neutron Spectra and Effective Dose Rates near Air/Ground and Air/Water Interfaces in Taiwan — R. J. Sheu and S. H. Jiang

Radon Concentration Measurements and Personnel Exposure Levels in Bavarian Water Supply Facilities — M. Trautmannsheimer, W. Schindlmeier, and K. Börner


Does Soft Tissue Cancer Affect the Development of Radionuclide-Induced Skeletal Malignancy? — Ray D. Lloyd, Glenn N. Taylor, and Scott C. Miller


IMBA-Expert USDOE-Edition Phase I, Version 2.0.22 — Reviewed by Daniel J. Strom


Decommissioning Health Physics — Reviewed by Robert P. Miltenberger

Medical-Biological and Ecological Impacts of Radioactive Contamination of the Techa River — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

Environmental Health and Safety CFR's on CD-ROM — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


Health Issues of Ultraviolet Tanning Appliances Used for Cosmetic Purposes — The International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


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