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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 83, No. 4, October 2002
The RH-TRU 72-B training cask, a to-scale model of the actual road cask which will be used for transporting Remote Handled Transuranic Waste to the WIPP. See article by Robert Hayes on page 449 for more information. Photo courtesy of Alan Rostro.

Contents of October 2002, Volume 83, Number 4


Nuclear Cities Initiative — Ken Kasper


Dose Rate Prediction Methodology for Remote Handled Transuranic Waste Workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant — Robert Hayes

239,240Pu and Inorganic Substances in Aerosols from the Vicinity of a Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: The Importance of Resuspension — R. Arimoto, T. Kirchner, J. Webb, M. Conley, B. Stewart, D. Schoep, and M. Walthall

Decay Data for Internal and External Dose Assessment — Michael G. Stabin and Lydia C.Q.P. da Luz

The Bioaccessibility of Low Level Radionuclides from Two Savannah River Site Soils — K. M. Ellickson, C. J. Schopfer, and P. J. Lioy

Experimental Verification of Overdispersion in Radioassay Data — Thomas M. Semkow

The Probability of Finding a Localized Area with Elevated Contamination by Using a Mobile Detector — Michael J. Davis

A Comparison of Transient Dose Model Predictions and Experimental Measurements — R. L. Steinman, R. F. Weiner, and K. J. Kearfott

Using Exact Poisson Likelihood Functions in Bayesian Interpretation of Counting Measurements — Guthrie Miller, Harry F. Martz, Tom T. Little, and Ray Guilmette

Access-Control and Interlock-Signal Systems for the LHD Experimental Hall — T. Kawano, N. Inoue, Y. Sakuma, S. Tanahashi, and O. Motojima

Monte Carlo Simulation of a Scanning Detector Whole Body Counter and the Effect of BOMAB Phantom Size on the Calibration — Gary H. Kramer, Linda C. Burns, and Steven Guerriere


Dental ESR Dosimetry of a Medical Physicist Who Received Occupational Radiation Exposure for Almost 40 Y — Midori Iwasaki, Chyuzo Miyazawa, Tooru Chida, Fumiaki Takahashi, and Yoshio Onai

CASTEAUR: A Simple Tool to Assess the Transfer of Radionuclides in Waterways — K. Beaugelin-Seiller, P. Boyer, J. Garnier-Laplace, and C. Adam

Depleted Uranium in Kosovo: Results of a Survey by Gamma Spectrometry on Soil Samples — J. Uyttenhove, M. Lemmens, and M. Zizi

Measurement of Alpha Particle Energy Using Windowless Electret Ion Chambers — S. K. Dua, P. Kotrappa, R. Srivastava, M. A. Ebadian, and L. R. Stieff

Measurements of Effective Doses of Natural Background Level of Neutrons with Etched-Track Detectors — Yoshikazu Kumamoto and Yutaka Noda


Predicted Responses for a Particulate Detection System in a Continuous Stack Monitor — Mark A. Tries, Ryan L. Holloman, and Leo M. Bobek

The Potential Impact of Incomplete Radiography Histories in Epidemiologic Studies that Rely on Prepaid Health Plan Records — Janice M. Pogoda and Susan Preston-Martin


Radiation Protection: A Guide for Scientists, Regulators and Physicians — Citation by Rose Marie Pratt

Plutonium in the Environment — Citation by Larry W. Luckett


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