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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 83, No. 2, August 2002
A backscatter scan image showing illegal immigrants hidden in a cargo container. See article by J. O. Lubenau and D. J. Strom on page 155 for more information. Photo courtesy of American Science and Engineering, Inc., Billerica, MA.

Contents of August 2002, Volume 83, Number 2


Safety and Security of Radiation Sources in the Aftermath of 11 September 2001 — Joel O. Lubenau and Daniel J. Strom

Plutonium in Colorado Residents: Results of Autopsy Bone Samples Collected During 1975-1979 — S. A. Ibrahim, G. M. Warren, F. W. Whicker, and D. W. Efurd

Micronucleus Assay Reveals No Radiation Effects among Nuclear Power Plant Workers — Hubert Thierens, Anne Vral, Marina Barbé, and Leo De Ridder

Individual Dose Reconstruction among Residents Living in the Vicinity of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site Using EPR Spectroscopy of Tooth Enamel — A. I. Ivannikov, Zh. Zhumadilov, B. I. Gusev, Ch. Miyazawa, L. Jiao, V. G. Skvortsov, V. F. Stepanenko, J. Takada, and M. Hoshi

Variation of Uranium Isotopic Composition in Soil within the JCO Grounds from the 30 September 1999 Criticality Accident at JCO, Tokai-Mura, Japan — Masayoshi Yamamoto, Yoshiko Kawabata, Yoshimasa Murata, and Kazuhisa Komura

A Re-evaluation of the 131I Atmospheric Releases from the Hanford Site — B. A. Napier

Measuring the External Exposure Dose in the Contaminated Area near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Using the Thermoluminescence of Quartz in Bricks — Hitoshi Sato, Toshihiro Takatsuji, Jun Takada, Satoru Endo, Masaharu Hoshi, Vagif F. Sharifov, Irina I. Veselkina, Irina V. Pilenko, Wafa A. F. Kalimullin, Vladimir B. Masyakin, Isao Yoshikawa, Tsuneto Nagatomo, and Syunzo Okajima

Do Long-Term Average Radon Concentrations in Schools and Kindergartens Differ from the Average During Working Hours? — Janja Vaupotic

Monte Carlo Simulation of Single and Two-Dosimeter Approaches in a Steam Generator Channel Head — C. H. Kim and W. D Reece

Measurement of TVLs in Lead for 4, 6, and 10 MV Bremsstrahlung X-Ray Beams at Scattering Angles between 30º and 135º — Iris P. Nogueira and Peter J. Biggs

210Po Implanted in Glass Surfaces by Long Term Exposure to Indoor Radon — D. J. Steck, M. C. R. Alavanja, R. W. Field, M. A. Parkhurst, D. J. Bates, and J. A. Mahaffey

A New Graphical User Interface for Fast Construction of Computation Phantoms and MCNP Calculations: Application to Calibration of In Vivo Measurement Systems — N. Borisov, D. Franck, L. de Carlan, and L. Laval


Depleted Uranium in Military Conflicts and the Impact on the Environment — C. Papastefanou

Estimating Populations for Collective Dose Calculations — Gretchen Gallegos

Temporal Variation of Radon Progeny Ratio in Outdoor Air — Tsuneo Kobayashi


French Approach for the Distribution of Iodine Tablets in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants — B. Le Guen, P. Y. Hémidy, and Y. Garcier


Women Becoming Mathematicians — Reviewed by Jen Clodius

Adventures in the Atomic Age: From Watts to Washington — Reviewed by P. Andrew Karam



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