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Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 82, No. 6, June 2002
Oil painting of Lauriston S. Taylor, first President of the NCRP, by Kenneth L. Miller, Editor-in-Chief of Operational Radiation Safety and past Editor-in-Chief of Health Physics. The original artwork has been donated to the NCRP by Kenneth L. Miller. We proudly dedicate this issue of Health Physics to Dr. Lauriston S. Taylor, a founding father of modern health physics, on his 100th birthday.

Contents of June 2002, Volume 82, Number 6


Happy 100th Birthday to Dr. Lauriston S. Taylor — Michael T. Ryan


Lauriston Sale Taylor-An Appreciation — Warren K. Sinclair


Brief History of the National Committee on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Covering the Period 1929-1946 — Lauriston S. Taylor

Radiation Exposure as a Reasonable Calculated Risk — Lauriston S. Taylor

History of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) — Lauriston S. Taylor


Health Physics Instrument's Shadow — Ken Kasper


Transfer of 131I into Human Breast Milk and Transfer Coefficients for Radiological Dose Assessments — Steven L. Simon, Nicholas Luckyanov, André Bouville, Lester VanMiddlesworth, and Robert M. Weinstock


Age-Specific Uncertainty in Particulate Deposition for 1 mm AMAD Particles Using the ICRP 66 Lung Model — R. P. Harvey and D. M. Hamby

Dose Estimate of Inhaled Hafnium Tritide Using the ICRP 66 Lung Model — Yung-Sung Cheng, Yue Zhou, Yang-Sheng Wang, William C. Inkret, and Joseph R. Wermer

Assessment of the Aversion Coefficient in Nuclear Safety in Hungary — Katalin Eged, Béla Kanyár, Zoltán Kis, and Tibor Tatay

External Exposure Model in the RESRAD Computer Code — S. Kamboj, D. LePoire, and C. Yu

Simulations of Neutron Transport at Low Energy: A Comparison between GEANT and MCNP — N. Colonna and S. Altieri

Micrometer-Sized Short-Lived Radioactive Aerosol Particles for Convenient Use in Laboratory Measurements — S. Huang, S. D. Schery, R. E. Alcantara, N. V. Dale, and J. C. Rodgers

Thresholds for Retinal Injury from Multiple Near-Infrared Ultrashort Laser Pulses — Clarence P. Cain, Cynthia A. Toth, Gary D. Noojin, David J. Stolarski, Robert J. Thomas, and Benjamin A. Rockwell

Formation and Retention of Organically Bound Deuterium in Rice in Deuterium Water Release Experiment — Mariko Atarashi-Andoh, Hikaru Amano, Hideki Kakiuchi, Michiko Ichimasa, and Yusuke Ichimasa

Measurement of Outdoor Terrestrial Gamma Radiation in the Sultanate of Oman — C. C. Goddard


Measuring Skin Dose with Radiochromic Dosimetry Film in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory — Edwin R. Giles and Paul H. Murphy

Modeling Radionuclide Effluxes from Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems in Belarus — Yu M. Zhuchenko, S. K. Firsakova, and G. Voigt


Alpha CAM Alarm Set Points in a Salt Dust Environment — Robert B. Hayes and Marsha L. Beekman

Internet-Based Display of Remotely Acquired Ambient Radiation Data — Lionel S. Zuckier and Bryan Boardman


Comments on "Risks of Fatal Cancer from Inhalation of 239,240Plutonium by Humans: A Combined Four-Method Approach with Uncertainty Evaluation" — David C. Kocher and Keith F. Eckerman

Response to Comments on "Risks of Fatal Cancer from Inhalation of 239,240Plutonium by Humans: A Combined Four-Method Approach with Uncertainty Evaluation" — H. A. Grogan, W. K. Sinclair, and P. G. Voillequé

No Depleted Uranium in Cruise Missiles or Apache Helicopter Munitions-Comment on an Article by Durante and Pugliese — Michael E. Kilpatrick

Reply to the Letter: No Depleted Uranium in Cruise Missiles or Apache Helicopter Munitions-Comment on an Article by Durante and Pugliese, by M. E. Kilpatrick — Marco Durante and Mariagabriella Pugliese


On-Site Emergency Response Planning Guide for Office, Manufacturing, & Industrial Operations — Reviewed by Edward J. O'Connell

Environmental Regime Effectiveness: Confronting Theory with Evidence — Reviewed by Lori Cunniff

Radiation at Home, Outdoors and in the Workplace — Reviewed by Lawrence T. Dauer


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