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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 82, No. 2, February 2002
Workers shown size-reducing one of 60 contaminated plutonium gloveboxes that were included in the scope of a decommissioning project conducted at Argonne National Laboratory. See article by W. J. Munyon and M. B. Lee on page 244 for more information.

Contents of February 2002, Volume 82, Number 2


Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning Project — Ken Kasper


A Consistent Radionuclide Vector After the Chernobyl Accident — Konrad Mück, Gerhard Pröhl, Ilya Likhtarev, Lina Kovgan, Reinhard Meckbach, and Vladislav Golikov

Reconstruction of the Inhalation Dose in the 30-KM Zone After the Chernobyl Accident — Konrad Mück, Gerhard Pröhl, Ilya Likhtarev, Lina Kovgan, Vladislav Golikov, and Johann Zeger

Reconstruction of the Ingestion Doses Received by the Population Evacuated from the Settlements in the 30-KM Zone Around the Chernobyl Reactor — Gerhard Pröhl, Konrad Mück, Ilya Likhtarev, Lina Kovgan, and Vladislav Golikov

A Model for a Comprehensive Assessment of Exposure and Lifetime Cancer Incidence Risk from Plutonium Released from the Rocky Flats Plant, 1953-1989 — Arthur S. Rood, Helen A. Grogan, and John E. Till

Tritium Doses from Chronic Atmospheric Releases: A New Approach Proposed for Regulatory Compliance — S-R. Peterson and P. A. Davis

Radiation Dose Implications of Airborne Contaminant Deposition to Humans — K. G. Andersson, C. L. Fogh, M. A. Byrne, J. Roed, A. J. H. Goddard, and S. A. M. Hotchkiss

Monte Carlo Estimation of Absorbed Dose to Organs in Computed Tomography — M. Alonso, T. Barriuso, M. J. Castañeda, N. Díaz-Caneja, I. Gutiérrez, and E. Villar


Elevated Exposure Rates Under Inclined Birch Trees Indicate the Occurrence of Rainfall During Radioactive Fallout from Chernobyl — V. F. Stepanenko, Yu. I. Gavrilin, V. P. Snykov, V. E. Shevchuk, H. Y. Göksu, P. G. Voillequé, and M. Yu. Orlov


Summary of Stationary and Personal Air Sampling Measurements Made During a Plutonium Glovebox Decommissioning Project — W. J. Munyon and M. B. Lee


Conversion Coefficients Based on the VIP-Man Anatomical Model for Photons — Maria Zankl and Nina Petoussi-Henss

Response to Zankl and Petoussi-Henss — T. C. Chao and X. G. Xu

Response to Klaus Becker: Review of NCRP 136 — Arthur C. Upton


Evaluation of the Linear-Nonthreshold Dose-Response Model for Ionizing Radiation — Reviewed by Klaus Becker

Medical Management of Radiation Accidents, Second Edition — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan



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