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Health Physics
Journal, Vol. 82, No. 1, January 2002
A decayed mill in the evacuated village of Muslyumovo along the Techa River in the Southern Urals. Bricks from the walls are used for dose reconstruction using luminescence techniques. See article by H. Y. Göksu et al. on page 94 for more information.

Contents of January 2002, Volume 82, Number 1


Health Physics-The First Year — Michael T. Ryan


Up-Date on Internet Use — Bruce Busby


Volume and Activity of Buried Transuranic-Contaminated Wastes at the U.S. Department of Energy Facilities — John M. Peterson, Margaret M. MacDonell, Thomas P. Longo, Joe P. Harvill, and Paul E. Drez

Estimates of Radiological Risk from Depleted Uranium Weapons in War Scenarios — Marco Durante and Mariagabriella Pugliese

Photon Specific Absorbed Fractions Calculated in the Trunk of an Adult Male Voxel-Based Phantom — M. G. Stabin and H. Yoriyaz

Characterization of Electromagnetic Interference of Medical Devices in the Hospital Due to Cell Phones — Joseph James Morrissey, Mays Swicord, and Quirino Balzano

Influence of Room Geometry and Ventilation Rate on Airflow and Aerosol Dispersion: Implications for Worker Protection — Jeffrey J. Whicker, Piotr T. Wasiolek, and Rebecca A. Tavani

The Gaussian Atmospheric Transport Model and Its Sensitivity to the Joint Frequency Distribution and Parametric Variability — D. M. Hamby

Assessment of the Natural Radioactivity and Its Radiological Hazards in Shewa-Shahbaz Garhi Igneous Complex, Peshawar Plain, NW Pakistan — Amanat Ali, S. D. Orfi, and A. A. Qureshi

A Survey of Background Radiation Dose Rates and Radioactivity in Tanzania — F. P. Banzi, P. Msaki, and I. N. Makundi

Very High Background Radiation Areas of Ramsar, Iran: Preliminary Biological Studies — M. Ghiassi-nejad, S. M. J. Mortazavi, J. R. Cameron, A. Niroomand-rad, and P. A. Karam


First International Intercomparison of Luminescence Techniques Using Samples from the Techa River Valley — H. Y. Göksu, M. O. Degteva, N. G. Bougrov, R. Meckbach, M. E. Haskell, I. K. Bailiff, L. Bøtter-Jensen, H. Jungner, and P. Jacob

Quality Factors for Alpha Particles Emitted in Tissue — Thomas B. Borak

Sorption of Tin on Human Teeth — A. A. Helal, Gh. A. Alian, and H. A. Madbouly

An Evaluation of Two Sample Preparation Methods for Measuring 3H and 14C in Incinerator Ash and Spent Lime — Ben Edwards, Le-Xuan Thai, and Daniel Sprau

Bias in Concentration Estimates Due to Nonconstant Flow Rate During Particulate Air Sampling — William C. Evans


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