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Journal, Vol. 81, No. 6, December 2001
A glass button found near ground zero at Hiroshima contains neutron-induced fission tracks because of its uranium content of 0.44 ppm. Exposure of the smaller fragments to neutrons in a reactor gave a calibration for finding the fluence on August 6, 1945, and at the same time it colored the glass a deep blue. See article by R. L. Fleischer et al. on page 719 for more information.

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2001 Founders Award-J. Newell Stannard — Citation by Kathleen Dinnel-Jones

2001 Founders Award-Paul L. Ziemer — Citation by Mack L. Richard

2001 Elda E. Anderson Award-Tsz-Yik Edmond Hu — Citation by Darrell R. Fisher

2001 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award-John H. Hubbell — Citation by Kathryn H. Pryor

2001 Outstanding Science Teacher Award-Michael A. Mocherman — Citation by Kathleen M. Hintenlang

2001 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal-Allen Brodsky — Citation by Neil M. Barss

2001 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2001 William B. McAdams Outstanding Service Award-George J. Vargo, Jr. — Citation by Kathryn H. Pryor

National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award-Paul W. Harvey — Citation by Don W. Marshall


Soft Proofing — Michael T. Ryan


Travel — Bruce Busby


Special Issue on Litigation — Bruce Busby


The Whistleblower Implications of Radiation Injury Lawsuits: Lessons Learned from In Re McCafferty — Charles F. Rysavy and J. Wylie Donald

Radiation Litigation and the Nuclear Industry-The Experience in the United Kingdom — William J. Leigh and Richard Wakeford

Spread of 60Co Contaminated Steel and Its Legal Consequences in Taiwan — Jau-Yuan Hwang, Joseph B. H. Chang, and Wushou P. Chang

The Role of the Radiation Safety Specialist as Witness: Risk Communication with Attorneys, Judges, and Jurors — Raymond H. Johnson, Jr.

Application of the Supreme Court's Daubert Criteria in Radiation Litigation — Steven E. Merwin, Dade W. Moeller, William E. Kennedy, Jr., and Matthew P. Moeller

Admissibilty of Scientific Evidence Post-Daubert — Jeff Masten and Jadwiga "Jodi" Strzelczyk

Pre-Litigation Strategies-Gathering and Preserving Documentary Evidence — G. D. Richmond, P. D. Robinson, and S. L. Trubatch


Review of 239Pu and 226Ra Effects in Beagles — R. D. Lloyd, G. N. Taylor, S. C. Miller, F. W. Bruenger, and W. S. S. Jee


Radionuclides in Peconic River Fish, Mussels, and Sediments — Andrew Rapiejko, Robert Rosson, Jeffrey Lahr, Ramon Garcia, and Bernd Kahn

Non-Invasive Measurement of Water Content in Lung Phantom by Neutrons: Latest Improvements to the Technique — F. Campi and F. Dionigi

An Evaluation of Germanium Detectors Employed for the Measurement of Radionuclides Deposited in Lungs Using an Experimental and Monte Carlo Approach — Joel L. Webb and Gary H. Kramer


Hiroshima Neutron Fluence on a Glass Button from Near Ground Zero — R. L. Fleischer, S. Fujita, and M. Hoshi

222Rn Concentration in Ground Waters of Coastal Karnataka and Kaiga of South West Coast of India — H. M. Mahesh, D. N. Avadhani, N. Karunakara, H. M. Somashekarappa, Y. Narayana, and K. Siddappa


Radon Health Spas — Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Response to Eichholz — J. Huber and O. Ennemoser

Public Involvement in Science and Decision Making? — Steve Tarlton

Response to Tarlton — Reviewed by John E. Till


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