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Journal, Vol. 81, No. 3, September 2001
On the cover: 3' X 3' X 4' box of waste after supercompaction. Photograph courtesy of Duratek, Kingston, TN.

Contents of Volume 81, No. 3, September 2001


The New Health Physics Style — Amy L. Gudelski and Michael T. Ryan

A Note on the Litigation Papers — Michael T. Ryan


Niche Rad Use — Bruce Busby


A Litigation Primer for the Health Physicist — C. F. Rysavy, R. P. Shaw, and J. I. Cehn

An Overview of the Current State of Radiation Litigation — David Wiedis, Donald E. Jose, and Kristen Komer

A Radiation Litigation Causation Analysis Which Achieves Fairness to Both Litigants — Donald E. Jose, David Wiedis, and Kristen Komer

Documentation and Log Keeping: Ensuring Your Work Does What You Intend It to Do — B. Rees and P. Prando

The Role of the Expert Witness: An Update — John A. Auxier and Howard M. Prichard


Radon Exposure and the Risk of Leukemia: A Review of Epidemiological Studies — Dominique Laurier, Madeleine Valenty, and Margot Timarche

Review of the ICRP Tritium and 14C Internal Dosimetry Models and Their Implementation in the Genmod-PC Code — R. B. Richardson and D. W. Dunford


Influence of Gender Differences in the Carbon Pool on Dose Factors for Intakes of Tritium and 14C-Labeled Compounds — R. B. Richardson, D. W. Dunford, and S. R. Peterson

Dose to Lung from Inhaled Tritiated Particles — R. B. Richardson and A. Hong

Effective Half-Life of 131I in Thyroid Cancer Patients — David L. North, Douglas R. Shearer, James V. Hennessey, and Glenn L. Donovan

Measurement of Scatter Factors for 4, 6, 10, and 23 MV X Rays at Scattering Angles Between 30º and 135º — Iris P. Nogueira and Peter J. Biggs


Rebuttal to Mossman's Deconstruction of Radiation Benefits — John R. Cameron

Response to Cameron — Kenneth L. Mossman


Minimally Invasive Medical Technology — Reviewed by Kim Kearfott



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