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Journal, Vol. 81, No. 1, July 2001
On the cover: Window frames contaminated with 60Co were found in a Taiwanese kindergarten. See article by Kathryn et al. on page 3 for more information.

Contents of Volume 81, No. 1, July 2001


News from Around the HP Community — Bruce Busby


A Dose Reconstruction of 60Co-Contaminated Window Frames in a Taiwanese School — Kathryn M. Brock, Catherine M. Neumann, Kathryn A. Higley, Wushou P. Chang, and Annette M. Rossignol

Retinal Damage Induced by Red Diode Laser — J. A. Zuclich and D. J. Stolarski

An Alternative Method for the Release Criteria and Calculation of the Total Dose Equivalent to Another Individual from a Patient Treated with a Therapeutic Dose of 131I — David M. DeSantis and George E. Chabot

Evaluation of Eight Decision Rules for Low-Level Radioactivity Counting — Daniel J. Strom and Jay A. MacLellan

Scab Diameters on Pig Skin Resulting from Hot Particle Exposures Under Varying Conditions — Darryl G. L. Kaurin, John W. Baum, Arland L. Carsten, Charles W. Schaefer, and P. Donald Forbes

Scab Incidence on Pig Skin Resulting from Hot Particle Exposures Under Varying Conditions — Darryl G. L. Kaurin, John W. Baum, Arland L. Carsten, and Charles W. Schaefer

Investigation of the Air Pressure Characteristics Influencing the Variability of Radon Gas and Radon Progeny in Domestic Vernacular Buildings — Frederick Marley


Reconstruction of Doses from Radionuclide Inhalation for Nuclear Power Plant Workers Using Air Concentration Measurements and Associated Uncertainties — I. Linkov and D. Burmistrov


Determination of 232Th in Urine by ICP-MS for Individual Monitoring Purposes — N. Baglan, C. Cossonnet, and J. Ritt


Environmental Exposure: Facts vs. Fiction-A Festschrift for Merril Eisenbud — Reviewed by John Cameron

Radiation in Computed Tomography: Fundamental, Influencing Parameters, Dose Assessment, Optimisation, Scanner Data, Terminology — Reviewed by Kim Kearfott

Radiation Protection for Medical Facility Personnel; Radiation Protection-A Computer Animated Course Covering the Fundamentals of Radiation Safety — Reviewed by Jean Saint Germain



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