Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics
Journal, Vol. 80, No. 3, March 2001
On the cover: A worker at the DOE-Fernald site packages normal (0.711% 235U) aluminum-clad uranium cores into a wooden box in preparation for shipment. The cores are being tightly packed together to prevent movement in transit. See article by T. E. Heffernan et al. on page 255 for more information.

Contents of Volume 80, No. 3, March 2001


Problems to be Found — Bruce Busby


Nuclear Energy's Debutante — Ken Kasper


The Second International In-Vivo Monitoring Intercomparison Program for Whole Body Counting Facilities by Canadian and United States Agencies — Gary H. Kramer, Robert M. Loesch, and Peter C. Olsen

An Evaluation of the Ethical Principles of the ICRP's Radiation Protection Standards for Workers — Lars Persson and Kristin Shrader-Frechette

In-Vivo Thyroid 125I Monitoring Method Using Imaging Plate — Kunihide Nishizawa, Takuya Saze, Masahiro Etho, Kenji Murabayashi, and Sadahiko Iwai

Age- and Sex-Specific Relative Thyroid Radiation Exposure to 131I in Ukraine After the Chernobyl Accident — W. F. Heidenreich, I. Kayro, M. Chepurny, P. Jacob, V. Spak, G. M. Goulko, and H. G. Paretzke

Calculation of the Air Concentrations of Serially Decaying Nuclides-A New Method Applied to Radon Progeny — Maire S. A. Heikkinen and Naomi H. Harley

Solubility of Airborne Uranium Compounds at the Fernald Environmental Management Project — T. E. Heffernan, J. C. Lodwick, H. Spitz, J. Neton, and M. Soldano


Deconstructing Radiation Hormesis — Kenneth L. Mossman


Urinary Uranium Concentrations in an Enlarged Gulf War Veteran Cohort — Melissa A. McDiarmid, Susan M. Engelhardt, and Marc Oliver

Evaluation of Body Mass Index for a Reference Pakistani Man and Woman — P. Akhter, M. Aslam, and S. D. Orfia


Technical Procedures for the Evaluation of Different Radiation Detection Systems at the Entrance of a Waste Incinerator Plant — F. Campi


Comment on "Are Professional Dose Limits Necessary?" — C. De Brouwer and R. Lagasse

Response to De Brouwer and Lagasse — Per Hedemann Jensen


The Radiological Accident in Lilo
The Radiological Accident in Istanbul
The Radiological Accident in Yanango
— Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Physics for Radiation Protection? — Reviewed by Ian Scott Hamilton

Regulatory Control of Radioactive Discharges to the Environment — Reviewed by Stephen Musolino

Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste, Including Decommissioning — Reviewed by Stephen Musolino



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