Health Physics Society Journal

November 2018, Volume 115, Number 5

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On the cover: Women past presidents of the Health Physics Society include (from left) Barbara Hamrick, Kathryn H. Pryor, Nancy P. Kirner, Genevieve Roessler, Ruth McBurney, and Elda E. Anderson (group photo courtesy of Casper Sun; single photo courtesy of HPS).

SPECIAL ISSUE: Women in Radiation Protection



Women in the Radiation Sciences and the Importance of Building Community — Nicole E. Martinez


The Uptake and Translocation of 99Tc, 133Cs, 237Np, and 238U Into Andropogon Virginicus With Consideration of Plant Life Stage — Dawn A. Montgomery, Nimisha Edayilam, Nishanth Tharayil, Brian A. Powell, and Nicole E. Martinez

Residual Optically Stimulated Luminescent (OSL) Signals for Al2O3:C and a Readout System With Reproducible Partial Signal Clearance — Sara A. Abraham and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Setup and Characterization of a 137Cs Dosimetry Calibration Source in a Space-Constrained Environment — Jasmine L. Mapes, Kevin Liu, Sara A. Abraham, Andrew S. Wilhelm, Logan V. Latosz, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Trust—What Connects Science to Daily Life — Ryoku Ando

A Radiation Weather Station: Development of a Continuous Monitoring System for the Collection, Analysis, and Display of Environmental Radiation Data — Rebecca A. Lynch, Travis Smith, Mitchell D. Jacobs, Samuel J. Frank, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott


A Brief Review—EPR Dosimetry and the Use of Animal Teeth as Dosimeters — Amber Harshman and Thomas Johnson


Presidential Perspectives: Women's Views From the Top — Genevieve Roessler, Ruth McBurney, Kathryn H. Pryor, Barbara Hamrick, Nancy P. Kirner, and Nicole E. Martinez

The Impact of Military Women in Health Physics — Jama VanHorne-Sealy

Reflections on Basic Science Studies Involving Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation — Tatjana Paunesku and Gayle Woloschak

The Evolving Role of the Medical Radiation Safety Officer — Kendall Berry, Deirdre Elder, and Linda Kroger


Nuclear and Radiological Source Security Culture Assessment of Radioactive Material Users at a University — Shraddha Rane, Jason T. Harris, Eric K. Foss, and Courtney Sheffield

Medical Professional Radiation Dosimeter Usage: Reasons for Noncompliance — Molly M. McCulloch, Karl W. Fischer, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott


Consolidation of Health Physics Computer Codes: Sustainable Gains in Efficiency, Innovation, and Collaboration — Stephanie P. Bush-Goddard, Vered A. Shaffer, and Kerstun J. Normal


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