Health Physics Society Journal

October 2018, Volume 115, Number 4

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On the cover: Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Bishop.



Studying Factors Affecting Indoor Gamma-Radiation Dose Using MCNP5 Simulation Software—Revisited: Adding Two More Factors — M. Orabi

Development of an On-Site, Rapid, Environmental Radiation-Distribution Monitoring System for Decision Making During a Radiation Emergency — UkJae Lee and Hee Reyoung Kim

Case Study of the Minimum Provable Risk Considering the Variation in Background Risk: Effect of Residual Risk on Epidemiological Studies and a Comparative Assessment of Fatal Disease Risk Due to Radiation Exposure — Michiya Sasaki, Haruyuki Ogino, and Takatoshi Hattori

Dose Estimation for Decontamination Soil Resulting From the Fukushima NPS Accident and Recycled for Use in Road Embankments — Shizuka Takai, Takuma Sawaguchi, and Seiji Takeda

Comparison of U.S. NRC's RASCAL Emergency Response Code With NOAA's HYRad Dispersion Model and Tracer Experimental Data — Michael L. Abbott

137Cs Lake Sediment Depth Profiles and Inventories in Four Lakes of Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness — Benjamin Thomas Bishop and Richard R. Brey

Optimization of the ICRP 67 and NCRP 156 Transfer Rates Applied to Nonhuman Primates Intramuscularly Injected With 241Am — Nada A. Alomairy, Richard R. Brey, and Raymond A. Guilmette

A Holistic Approach to Assessment of Population Exposure to Radiation: Challenges and Initiatives of a Regulatory Authority — P. Askounis, A. Boziari, E. Carinou, G. Drikos, S. Economides, K. Hourdakis, C. Housiadas, M. Kalathaki, V. Kamenopoulou, E. Karabetsos, K. Kehagia, M. Kolovou, C. Koukorava, M. Lasithiotakis, T. Makridakis, A. Maltezos, D. Mitrakos, M. Nikolaki, M. Nikolaou, P. Nicolaou, A. Petri, C. Potiriadis, S. Raftopoulos, G. Simantirakis, V. Tafili, C. Veltsos, S. Vogiatzi, D.C. Xarchoulakos, and K. Zourari


A Review of Indoor and Outdoor Radon Equilibrium Factors—Part I: 222Rn — Jing Chen and Naomi H. Harley

A Review of Indoor and Outdoor Radon Equilibrium Factors—Part II: 220Rn — Jing Chen and Naomi H. Harley


NCRP Report No. 179, Guidance for Emergency Response Dosimetry — Sander C. Perle


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