Health Physics Society Journal

August 2018, Volume 115, Number 2

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On the cover: Whole-body counters used at Japan Atomic Energy Agency and National Institute of Radiological Sciences.



Radiation Doses From the Norwegian Diet — M. Komperød and L. Skuterud

Environmentally Friendly Measurement of Airborne Radon Using a Nonvolatile Liquid Scintillation Absorbent — Takahisa Kato, Miroslaw Janik, Reiko Kanda, Tetsuo Ishikawa, Masaya Kawase, and Takuo Kawamoto

Characterization of Ivoclar Vivadent Dental Restoration Material for 137Cs Retrospective Radiation Dosimetry — Steven T. Ratliff and Kawsu Barry

Effectiveness of an Imaging Plate System in Emergency 131I Thyroid Monitoring — Shizuhiko Deji, Xiaojuan Li, Shigeki Ito, Masahiro Hirota, Takuya Saze, and Kunihide Nishizawa

Evidence for Adaptive Response in a Molecular Epidemiological Study of the Inhabitants of a High-Background Radiation Area of Yangjiang, China — Shibiao Su, Shanyu Zhou, Cuiju Wen, Jianming Zou, Danying Zhang, Jiwu Geng, Min Yang, Ming Liu, Lichun Li, and Wei Wen

A Novel Method for Quick Assessment of Internal and External Radiation Exposure in the Aftermath of a Large Radiological Incident — Geoffrey Korir and P. Andrew Karam

A New Dual-Purpose Quality Control Dosimetry Protocol for Diagnostic Reference-Level Determination in Computed Tomography — Mehdi Sohrabi, Masoumeh Parsi, and Sedigheh Sina

Experiences of Population Monitoring Using Whole-Body Counters in Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident — Osamu Kurihara, Chunsheng Li, Maria Antonia Lopez, Eunjoo Kim, Kotaro Tani, Takashi Nakano, Chie Takada, Takumaro Momose, and Makoto Akashi

Dose Comparison Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeters During Multislice Computed Tomography With Different Parameters for Simulated Spine Tumor Examination — Chih-Chuan Hsieh, Chiao-Zhu Li, Meng-Chi Lin, Yun-Ju Yang, Kun-Ting Hong, Yi-Hsun Chen, Zih-Hsian Syu, and Da-Tong Ju

Gamma and Beta Absorbed Dose Conversion Coefficients for the Range of 10 keV to 10 MeV for Accidental Exposures From Point Sources Placed in Clothing in Proximity to the Body — A. Owens, L. Bertelli, and A. Brandl


Modeling Tissue Heating From Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy and Its Relevance to Exposure Limits: Heating Factor — Kenneth R. Foster, Marvin C. Ziskin, Quirino Balzano, and Giorgi Bit-Babik

Review of Cases of Occult Radiation Exposure and an Analysis of Time to Diagnosis — Jillian Kunkler, Tim G. Adams, Morgan Manger, and Rocco Casagrande


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