Health Physics Society Journal

May 2018, Volume 114, Number 5

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On the cover: Frontal view of skeletal and circulatory systems of the PM RAF phantom. See paper by Pasquale A. Lombardo and colleagues on page 486 for more information.



Alpha Air Sample Counting Efficiency Versus Dust Loading: Evaluation of a Large Data Set — M.G. Hogue, S.M. Gause-Lott, B.N. Owensby, T.M. Slack, J.J. Smiley, and J.L. Burkett

Development and Validation of the Realistic Anthropomorphic Flexible (RAF) Phantom — Pasquale A. Lombardo, Filip Vanhavere, Anne L. Lebacq, Lara Struelens, and Ria Bogaerts

Reassessment of Resuspension Factor Following Radionuclide Dispersal: Toward a General-Purpose Rate Constant — Shaun Marshall, Charles Potter, and David Medich


Health Physics Society Comments to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Reform Task Force — Joseph Ring, Edward Tupin, Deirdre Elder, Jerry Hiatt, Mike Sheetz, Nancy Kirner, and Craig Little

Saving Lives and Preventing Injuries From Unjustified Protective Actions—Method for Developing a Comprehensive Public Protective Action Strategy for a Severe NPP Emergency — J. Callen and T. McKenna

Joint American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society Conference: Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards — Wayne M. Glines and Anna Markham


One-Dimensional Spatial Distributions of Gamma-Ray Emitting Contaminants in Field Lysimeters Using a Collimated Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy System — Bryan J. Erdmann, Brian A. Powell, Daniel I. Kaplan, and Timothy A. DeVol


A Discussion of the Relative Merits of Evacuation of Persons With Health Care Needs — Thomas Belcuore

Reply to Belcuore — Jessica Callen and Tom McKenna


Joseph K. Soldat (1926–2017) — Ronald L. Kathren


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