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Health Physics
Journal, Vol. 80, No. 2, February 2001
On the cover: The first shipment of transuranic waste arriving at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant(WIPP), for deep geological disposal. See article by A. B. Wolbarst et al. on page 110 for more information.

Contents of Volume 80, No. 2, February 2001


Future of the Web — Bruce Busby


An Overview of EPA Regulation of the Safe Disposal of Transuranic Waste at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant — A. B. Wolbarst, E. K. Forinash, C. O. Byrum, R. T. Peake, F. Marcinowski, III, and M. U. Kruger

Detection of Anthropogenic Radionuclides by the CA002 Monitoring Station for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty — David F. Measday, Trevor J. Stocki, L. Roger Mason, and Dwight L. Williams

Determination and Use of the Monetary Values of the Averted Person-Sievert for Use in Radiation Protection Decisions in Hungary — Katalin Eged, Béla Kanyár, Zoltán Kis, Tibor Tatay, Ágnes Ivády, and Gábor Volent

Methodology of Radon Monitoring and Dose Estimates in Postojna Cave, Slovenia — J. Vaupotic, I. Csige, V. Radolic, I. Hunyadi, J. Planinic, and I. Kobal

222Rn Emanation from Uranium-Glazed Ceramics — Richard N. Biagioni and Ralph W. Sheets

Thermodiffusion in Concrete Slab as a Driving Force of Indoor Radon Entry — Leonid Minkin


Chromosome Aberrations Study of Pupils in High Radon Level Elementary School — Marjan Bilban and Janja Vaupotic

Effects of Gadolinium on the Retention and Translocation of 239Pu-Hydroxide — H. Sato, S. Takahashi, and Y. Kubota

Radon in Public Water Supplies in Migdonia Basin, Central Macedonia, Northern Greece — A. Savidou, G. Sideris, and N. Zouridakis

Temperature Dependence on Adsorption Coefficients of 222Rn on Activated Charcoal Determined by Adsorption-Desorption Method — L. Zikovsky

Did NATO Attacks in Yugoslavia Cause a Detectable Environmental Effect in Hungary? — A. Kerekes, A. Capote-Cuellar, and G. J. Köteles


Radiographic Operations and Safety in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry — Abie Alabe Abison


Comment on Article by Skedsmo and Vistnes — Anthony Hopwood

Response to Hopwood — Arnt Inge Vistnes and Arild Skedsmo


Gödel: A Life of Logic — Reviewed by Stephen V. Musolino

Has Radiation Become a Health Hazard? — Reviewed by A. John Ahlquist


In Memoriam-Paul Reinhardt, 1920-2000 — Citation by Sam Hurst

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