Health Physics Society Journal

March 2018, Volume 114, Number 3

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On the cover: Air samplers used for student research in aerosol TRU discrimination methodologies at North Carolina State University. Photo courtesy of S. Joseph Cope.



Determination of Examination-Specific Diagnostic Reference Level in Computed Tomography by a New Quality Control-Based Dose Survey Method — Masoumeh Parsi, Mehdi Sohrabi, Fereidoun Mianji, and Reza Paydar

Measurement and Simulation of the Counting Efficiency of a Whole-Body Counter Using a BOMAB Phantom Inserted With Rod Sources Containing Mixed Radionuclides — MinSeok Park, Jaeryong Yoo, Wi-Ho Ha, Sunhoo Park, and Young Woo Jin

Application of the ICRP 67 and NCRP 156 Biokinetic Models to 241Am Wound Data From Nonhuman Primates — Nada A. Alomairy, Richard R. Brey, and Raymond A. Guilmette

Screening Internal Contamination of Inhaled and Ingested Radionuclides With Hand-Held Survey Meters — Tim G. Adams and Rocco Casagrande

Some Considerations for Chelation Treatment and Surgical Excision Following Incorporation of Plutonium in Wounds — Deepesh Poudel, Luiz Bertelli, John A. Klumpp, and Tom L. Waters

Preliminary Work Toward a Transuranic Activity Estimation Method for Rapid Discrimination of Anthropogenic From Transuranic Activity in Alpha Air Samples — S. Joseph Cope and Robert B. Hayes


Deterministic Effects to the Lens of the Eye Following Ionizing Radiation Exposure: Is There Evidence to Support a Reduction in Threshold Dose? — Christopher Thome, Douglas B. Chambers, Antony M. Hooker, Jeroen W. Thompson, and Douglas R. Boreham


Comments on "Space: The Final Frontier—Research Relevant to Mars" — S.M.J. Mortazavi, J.J. Bevelacqua, K.W. Fornalski, James Welsh, and Mohan Doss

Reply to Mortazavi et al. — John D. Boice, Jr.


Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation — Mark L. Maiello


Erratum: Practical Considerations for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy With NaI(Tl): A Tutorial


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