Health Physics Society Journal

December 2017, Volume 113, Number 6

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On the cover: An early 20th century x-ray machine compared to a modern-day machine. See the papers by Lienard Chang and colleagues on page 458 and Daphnée Villoing and colleagues on page 474 for more information.



2017 Founders Award - George Chabot — Genevieve Roessler

2017 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award - John D. Zimbrick — Thomas E. Johnson

2017 Distinguished Public Service Award - Michael T. Ryan — Craig A. Little

2017 Elda E. Anderson Award - Jason Davis — Wade Adams

2017 Honor Roll Award - David P. Alberth — Tanya Palmateer Oxenberg, Gerald A. Falo

2017 Honor Roll Award - Kenneth Eger — Myra P. Long

2017 Honor Roll Award - Jeffrey A. Leavey — Mark Linsley

2017 50-Year Members

2017 Honorees as Fellows of the Health Physics Society

2017 Homeland Security Section Service Award - Allen Brodsky — Kenneth Groves

2017 Military Health Physics Section Awards

2017 Chapter Volunteer Award

2017 Student Travel Grant Recipients

2017 Student Fellowships

2017 American Academy of Health Physics Awards


Evaluation of the Accuracy of Polymer Gels for Determining Electron Dose Distributions in the Presence of Small Heterogeneties — R. Ghahraman Asl, H.A. Nedaie, and N. Banaee

Estimating Risk of Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome in Children — Tim G. Adams, Louise E. Sumner, and Rocco Casagrande

Thyroid Radiation Dose to Patients From Diagnostic Radiology Procedures Over Eight Decades: 1930–2010 — Lienard A. Chang, Donald L. Miller, Choonsik Lee, Dunstana R. Melo, Daphnée Villoing, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Isabelle Thierry-Chef, Sarah J. Winters, Michael Labrake, Charles F. Myers, Hyeyeun Lim, Cari M. Kitahara, Martha S. Linet, and Steven L. Simon

Estimated Organ Doses to Patients From Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Examinations Over Five Decades: 1960–2010 — Daphnée Villoing, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Steven L. Simon, Cari M. Kitahara, Martha S. Linet, and Dunstana R. Melo

The Role of Extracellular Fluid in Biokinetic Modeling — Guthrie Miller, John A. Klumpp, Dunstana Melo, and Deepesh Poudel


The Dosimetric Demise of 97MNb — Sandra F. Snyder and Keith F. Eckerman


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