Health Physics Society Journal

November 2017, Volume 113, Number 5

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On the cover: Local dose distribution of the right leg. See the paper by Wei Lu and colleagues on page 327 for further information.



Physical Dosimetric Reconstruction of a Radiological Accident at Nanjing (China) for Clinical Treatment Using Thudose — Wei Lu, Zhen Wu, Rui Qiu, Chunyan Li, Bo Yang, Shenshen Gao, Li Ren, and Junli Li

Mathematical Modeling of Optical Radiation Emission as a Function of Welding Power During Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding — Stefan Bauer, Marco Janßen, Martin Schmitz, and Günter Ott

Neutron Metrology in the United States — Where We've Been, Where We Are Now and What We Need to Do Moving Forward — David A. Schauer

Calculation of the Photon Dose Conversion Coefficient Based on Boundary Representation Phantoms of Different Postures — Chunyu Liu and Xiao Liang

222Rn, 220Rn, and Their Progenies Measured in the Air of Different Dwellings and Workplaces and Resulting Alpha Radiation Doses to the Eyes of Individuals — M.A. Misdaq, B. Elouardi, and J. Ouguidi

Quantitative Evaluation of a Time-Dependent Eye Hazard Posed by Laser Pointers —Wlodzimierz Strzelecki, Robert H. James, and Ilko K. Ilev

Electromagnetic Field Exposure Changes Due to the Digital Television Switchover in Thessaloniki, Greece — Fotios Gkonis, Achilles Boursianis, and Theodoros Samaras

Analysis on Enrichment and Mass of Uranium Materials with Time-Correlated Measurement — Chenyang Tian, Huiping Guo, Lei Wang, Peng Xu, Ning Lv, and Wenhui Lv

Development of an Assessment Method for Building Materials Under Euratom Scope — Govert de With


Systematic Numerical Analysis of Magnetic Field Partial Body Exposure and Comparison With Occupational Exposure Limit Values According to European Directive 2013/35/EU — Rene Hirtl and Gernot Schmid


Performance Testing of Selected Types of Electronic Personal Dosimeters in X- and Gamma Radiation Fields: Erratum


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