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On the cover: Since its inception in 1958, Health Physics has had five Editors-in-Chief. With the start of this new year we are pleased to introduce the sixth Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Michael T. Ryan, who in previous years served as Associate Editor and Book Editor for Health Physics.

Contents of Volume 80, No. 1, January 2000


Health Physics—The Passing of the Torch — Michael T. Ryan


Radiation Worker Information — Bruce Busby


Depth Dose-Equivalent and Effective Energies of Photoneutrons Generated by 6-18 MV X-Ray Beams for Radiotherapy — Francesco d'Errico, Marlies Luszik-Bhadra, Ravinder Nath, Bernd R. L. Siebert, and Ulrich Wolf

Estimation of Electron Absorbed Fractions in the Extrathoracic Airways — H. M. Moussa, K. F. Eckerman, L. W. Townsend, and R. Pevey

The Measurement of Radiation Levels in Australian Zircon Milling Plants — B. M. Hartley

Natural Radioactivity in the Soil Samples of Coastal Karnataka of South India — Y. Narayana, H. M. Somashekarappa, N. Karunakara, D. N. Avadhani, H. M. Mahesh, and K. Siddappa

A Dosimetric Model for Determining the Effectiveness of Soil Covers for Phosphogypsum Waste Piles — J. L. Más, J. P. Bolívar, R. García-Tenorio, J. L. Aguado, E. G. San Miguel, and J. González-Labajo

Epithelial Damage Thresholds for Multiple-Pulse Exposures to 80 ns Pulses of CO2 Laser Radiation — Russell L. McCally and C. Brent Bargeron

Monitoring Methods and Dose Assessment for Internal Exposures Involving Mixed Fission and Activation Products Containing Actinide — K. S. Thind

Evaluation of Scatter Contribution from Shielding Materials Used in Scatter Measurements for Calibration Range Characterization — R. J. Friedman, M. C. Reichard, T. E. Blue, and A. S. Brown

Absorbed Dose to Male and Female Brain From 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose — E. Niven, M. Thompson, and C. Nahmias


Radiological Findings of an Accidental Radiation Injury of the Fingers: A Case Report — Keiichi Nakagawa, Takuyou Kozuka, Masaaki Akahane, Gen Suzuki, Makoto Akashi, Yoshio Hosoi, Yukimasa Aoki, and Kuni Ohtomo

Individual Biodosimetry at the Natural Radiation Background Level — Alexander A. Romanyukha, Vitaly Nagy, Olga Sleptchonok, Marc F. Desrosiers, Jinjie Jiang, and Arthur Heiss


Chest Wall Thickness Measurements and the Dosimetric Implications for Male Workers in the Uranium Industry — Gary H. Kramer, Barry M. Hauck, and Steve A. Allen


Radiation from Medical Procedures: Corrections to a Consequential Book Review — John W. Gofman

Response to Gofman — Stephen V. Musolino

Specific Activity Concept — A. Alan Moghissi and Sorin R. Straja

Response to Moghissi and Straja — Sylvie-Ring Peterson and Philip A. Davis


Professional Training Program's Electronic Library for Radiation Protection — Reviewed by Ronald L. Kathren

Chernobyl Record, The Definitive History of the Chernobyl Catastrophe — Reviewed by Marvin Goldman

In the Shadow of the Bomb: Bethe, Oppenheimer, and the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist — Reviewed by Sidney D. Drell

Applied Statistics in Occupational Safety and Health — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


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