Health Physics Society Journal

April 2017, Volume 112, Number 4

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On the cover: Women in health physics (clockwise from top left)—Lise Meitner (with Otto Hahn), Chien Shiung Wu, Elda Anderson, and Marie Curie. See the papers by Elizabeth Gillenwalters and Nicole Martinez on pages 376–391 for further information.



Transition — Michael T. Ryan and Craig A. Little


Reconstruction of a Radiological Release Using Aerosol Sampling — Robert Bruce Hayes

Dose Comparisons for a Site-Specific Representative Person Using the Age-Dependent Dose Coefficients in CAP88-PC Version 4 — Brooke H. Stagich, Kelsey R. Moore, Joseph R. Newton, Kenneth L. Dixon, and G. Timothy Jannik

Modeling Considerations for Ingestion Pathway Dose Calculations Using CAP88 — David Stuenkel

Using the Health Physics Student Volunteer Program for a Research Project Sponsored by the Medical Section of the Health Physics Society — Joseph Steiner and Penny Leinwander

137Cs Dosimeter Irradiation Facilities: Calibration Frequency, Precision, and Accuracy — Andrew J. Boria, Blake D. Rucinski, Sara A. Abraham, Alexander S. Dawson, Ali H. Jawad, Joseph A. Miklos, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Investigation of Workplace-Like Calibration Fields via a Deuterium-Tritium (D-T) Neutron Generator — Andrey V. Mozhayev, Roman K. Piper, Bruce A. Rathbone, and Joseph C. McDonald

Contributions From Women to the Radiation Sciences: A Brief History — Nicole E. Martinez

Review of Gender and Racial Diversity in Radiation Protection — Elizabeth Gillenwalters and Nicole Martinez

Space: The Final Frontier — Research Relevant to Mars — John D. Boice, Jr.


Characterizing and Mapping of Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (20–3,000 MHz) in Chengdu, China: Erratum


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