Health Physics Society Journal

December 2016, Volume 111, Number 6

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On the cover: Cross section of Reference Female Computational Phantom with computer model of Captus 3000 thyroid uptake probe. See the paper by Robert Anigstein and colleagues (page 542) for more information.



2016 Founders Award – Raymond H. Johnson, Jr. — Citation by De Wesley Wu

2016 Distinguished Scientific Service Award – Nolan E. Hertel — Citation by Paul Charp

2016 Distinguished Public Service Award – John D. Boice, Jr. — Citation by Jack Kraus

2016 Elda E. Anderson Award – Charles A. Wilson IV — Citation by Wei-Hsung Wang

2016 Health Physics Honor Roll Award – Peter "Pete" O'Connell — Citation by Tanya Palmateer Oxenberg, Joel Rabovsky, and Kathleen McLellan

2016 AAHP William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award – James E. (Jim) Tarpinian — Citation by Jay P. Tarzia

2016 AAHP Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award – John R. Frazier — Citation by Robert P. Miltenberger

2016 AAHP William A. McAdams Award – Nora Nicholson — Citation by Andy Miller

2016 Health Physics Society 50-Year Members

2016 Honorees as Fellows of the Health Physics Society

2016 Awards From the Military Health Physics Section of the Health Physics Society — Citations by Kenneth Groves

2016 Chapter Volunteer Awards

2015–2016 Student Travel/Worker Grant Recipients

2016 Student Fellowships

2016 Student Science Awards


Fractal Theory and Field Cover Experiments: Implications for the Fractal Characteristics and Radon Diffusion Behavior of Soils and Rocks — Wanyu Tan, Yongmei Li, Kaixuan Tan, Xianzhe Duan, Dong Liu, and Zehua Liu

Skin Response to Single and Fractionated Irradiation: Dynamic Modeling Approach — Olga A. Smirnova and Francis A. Cucinotta

Thermal Response of Human Skin to Microwave Energy: A Critical Review — Kenneth R. Foster, Marvin C. Ziskin, and Quirino Balzano

Use of Transportable Radiation Detection Instruments to Assess Internal Contamination From Intakes of Radionuclides Part II: Calibration Factors and ICAT Computer Program — Robert Anigstein, Richard H. Olsher, Donald A. Loomis, and Armin Ansari


100 kBq m-3 Radon Activity Concentration in the Atmosphere of a Bathroom Supplied With Groundwater From a Gneissic Rock Area With Consanguineous Intrusions — Per Søstrand, Langård Sverre, and Tor Erik Danielsen


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