Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 79, No. 6, December 2000
On the cover: Workers at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant monitor environmental discharges to air and water using the "computerized radiation dose control system." See article by T. Nedveckaite et al. on page 666 for more information.

Contents of Volume 79, No. 6, December 2000


Twelve Thousand Pages Later — Kenneth L. Miller


2000 Founders Award-Roger J. Cloutier — Citation by William L. Beck

2000 Elda E. Anderson Award-James M. Hylkoy — Citation by Andrew Karam

2000 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award-George L. Voelz — Citation by Raymond A. Guilmette

2000 Outstanding Science Teacher Award-Mary Frances Hobbs — Citation by Carlyle Gravely

2000 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal-Robert L. Brent — Citation by Genevieve S. Roessler

2000 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2000 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award-James E. Turner — Citation by Robert P. Miltenberger

2000 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur J. Humm, Jr., Memorial Award-Bruce Bartlett — Citation by Don W. Marshall


News on the Net, 5 Years Later — Bruce Busby


DOE's Innovative Technology Summary Reports — Ken Kasper


Environmental Releases of Radioactivity and the Incidence of Thyroid Disease at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant — T. Nedveckaite, S. Motiejunas, V. Kucinskas, J. Mazeika, V. Filistovic, D. Jusciene, E. Maceika, L. Morkeliunas, and D. M. Hamby

Radiation Doses During CT Fluoroscopy — Edward L. Nickoloff, Alexander Khandji, and Ajoy Dutta

The Impact of Chernobyl Fallout on the Southern Saami Reindeer Herders of Norway in 1996 — Hanne Mehli, Lavrans Skuterud, Annhild Mosdøl, and Arnfinn Tønnessen

Source Areas of Airborne 7Be and 210Pb Measured in Northern Finland — Jussi Paatero and Juha Hatakka

A Survey of 222Rn Concentrations in Dwellings of the Town of Metsovo in North-Western Greece — K. G. Ioannides, K. C. Stamoulis, and C. A. Papachristodoulou

Electret Ion Chambers for Estimating Alpha Particle Energy — S. K. Dua, M. V. Reddy, P. Szerszen, R. W. Rose, D. Roelant, and M. A. Ebadian

Quantitative Measurements of Airflow Inside a Nuclear Laboratory — Jeffrey J. Whicker, Guy D. Baker, and Piotr T. Wasiolek


Effective Thresholds for Induction of Skeletal Malignancies by Radionuclides — Ray D. Lloyd, Glenn N. Taylor, Darrell R. Fisher, Robert A. Schlenker, and Scott C. Miller


The Radiation Legacy of the Soviet Nuclear Complex — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

OSHA Software Advisors Interactive Compliance Checklists — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


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