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August 2016, Volume 111, Number 2

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On the cover: ConRad: Conference on Radiation Topics. 21st Nuclear Medical Defence Conference. Munich 2015.



ConRad—Global Conference on Radiation Topics—Preparedness, Response, Protection and Research, Munich, 4-7 May 2015 — Matthias Port and Christina Beinke


Transcriptome Alterations in X-Irradiated Human Gingiva Fibroblasts — Robert Weissmann, Tim Kacprowski, Michel Peper, Jennifer Esche, Lars R. Jensen, Laura van Diepen, Matthias Port, Andreas W. Kuss, and Harry Scherthan

Progenitor Cell Mobilization by Gamma-tocotrienol: A Promising Radiation Countermeasure — Vijay K. Singh, Oluseyi O. Fatanmi, Amit Verma, Victoria L. Newman, Stephen Y. Wise, Patricia L.P. Romaine, and Allison N. Berg

Forecasting the In Vivo Behavior of Radiocontaminants of Unknown Physicochemical Properties Using a Simple In Vitro Test — N.M. Griffiths, S. Coudert, A. Moureau, P. Laroche, J.F. Angulo, and A. Van der Meeren

Metrology for Radiological Early Warning Networks in Europe ("MetroERM")—A Joint European Metrology Research Project — Stefan Neumaier, Harald Dombrowski, and Patrick Kessler

Occupational Doses from the Use of Thoriated Optical Components — Andreas Schirmer, Marc Kersting, and Katja Uschmann

Case Report: Industrial X-ray Injury Treated with Non-cultured Autologous Adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) — C.J. Iddins, S.R. Cohen, R.E. Goans, R.Wanat, M. Jenkins, D.M. Christensen, and N. Dainiak

Contribution of Intramuscular Autologous Adipose Tissue-derived Stem Cell Injections to Treat Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome: Preliminary Results — Diane Riccobono, Diane Agay, Sabine Franc¸ois, Harry Scherthan, Michel Drouet, and Fabien Forcheron

Kevlar® as a Potential Accident Radiation Dosimeter for First Responders, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel — Alexander Romanyukha, Franc¸ois Trompier, and Luis A. Benevides

Case Report: Industrial X-ray Injury Treated with Non-cultured Autologous Adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) — C.J. Iddins, S.R. Cohen, R.E. Goans, R.Wanat, M. Jenkins, D.M. Christensen, and N. Dainiak

Acute Radiation Syndrome Severity Score System in Mouse Total-body Irradiation Model — Natalia I. Ossetrova, Patrick H. Ney, Donald P. Condliffe, Katya Krasnopolsky, and Kevin P. Hieber

Radiation Injury Treatment NetworkA: Preparedness Through a Coalition of Cancer Centers — Cullen Case, Jr.

Investigation of Abscopal and Bystander Effects in Immunocompromised Mice after Exposure to Pencilbeam and Microbeam Synchrotron Radiation — Cristian Fernandez-Palomo, Elisabeth Schu¨ltke, Elke Bra¨uer-Krisch, Jean Albert Laissue, Hans Blattmann, Colin Seymour, and Carmel Mothersill

Significance of Bioindicators for Early Predictions on Diagnosis and Therapy of Irradiated Minipigs — Maria Moroni, Matthias Port, Jatinder Gulani, Mark Chappell, and Michael Abend

Evaluating the Special Needs of the Military for Radiation Biodosimetry for Tactical Warfare Against Deployed Troops: Comparing Military to Civilian Needs for Biodosimetry Methods — Ann Barry Flood, Arif N. Ali, Holly K. Boyle, Gaixin Du, Victoria A. Satinsky, Steven G. Swarts, Benjamin B. Williams, Eugene Demidenko, Wilson Schreiber, and Harold M. Swartz


Combining Radiation Epidemiology with Molecular BiologyVChanging from Health Risk Estimates to Therapeutic Intervention — Michael Abend and Matthias Port

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in Chornobyl Cleanup Workers — Dimitry Bazyka, Natalya Gudzenko, Iryna Dyagil, Eugeny Goroh, Oksana Polyschuk, Natalya Trotsuk, Nataly Babkina, and Anatoly Romanenko

Radiation-epidemiological Study of Cerebrovascular Diseases in the Cohort of Russian Recovery Operation Workers of the Chernobyl Accident — V.V. Kashcheev, S. Yu. Chekin, M.A. Maksioutov, K.A. Tumanov, A.N. Menyaylo, E.V. Kochergina, P.V. Kashcheeva, A.I. Gorsky, N.V. Shchukina, S.V. Karpenko, and V.K. Ivanov


Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Radiation Injury — Juliann G. Kiang

Reconsidering Current Decorporation Strategies after Incorporation of Radionuclides — A. Rump, D. Stricklin, A. Lamkowski, S. Eder, M. Abend, and M. Port

The Role of Proinflammatory Cytokine Interleukin-18 in Radiation Injury — Mang Xiao


Missions of the French Defense Radiation Protection Service Concerning the Medical Management of Radio-contaminated Patients — G. Gagna, A. Pégorié, F. Entine, X. Michel, M. Dondey, and J.-C. Amabile

The New "Normal": Stakeholders and Radiation Protection Limits in a Post-9/11 World — Timothy J. Jorgensen


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