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July 2016, Volume 111, Number 1

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On the cover: Median number of specific radionuclide procedures performed by radiologic technologists in five time periods from 1945 to 2009, U.S. Radiologic Technologists Study. See the paper by Van Dkye et al. on p. 37 for further information.



Influence of DTPA Treatment on Internal Dose Estimates — Darío Esteban Sanz

Indoor Gamma Dose Rates in Kuwait Using Handheld Gamma-ray Spectrometer — Darwish Al-Azmi

Decay Chain Deduction of Uranium Fission Products — Huiping Guo, Chenyang Tian, Xiaotian Wang, Ning Lv, Meng Ma, and Yingguang Wei

241Am Ingrowth and Its Effect on Internal Dose — Kevin Konzen

Methemoglobin-based Biological Dose Assessment for Human Blood — Xiao-Hong Zhang, Xiao-Dan Hu, Su-Ying Zhao, Li-Hua Xie, Yu-Ji Miao, Qun Li, Rui Min, Pei-Dang Liu, and Hai-Qian Zhang

Historical Patterns in the Types of Procedures Performed and Radiation Safety Practices Used in Nuclear Medicine from 1945-2009 — Miriam E. Van Dyke, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Michele M. Doody, Hyeyeun Lim, Norman E. Bolus, Steven L. Simon, Bruce H. Alexander, and Cari M. Kitahara


Radon Exposure and the Definition of Low Doses—The Problem of Spatial Dose Distribution — Balázs G. Madas


Vitamins A, C, and E May Reduce Intestinal 210Po Levels after Ingestion — Francis W. Kemp, Frank Portugal, John M. Akudugu, Prasad V.S.V. Neti, Ronaldo P. Ferraris, and Roger W. Howell

Application of NCRP 156 Wound Model and ICRP 67 Systemic Plutonium Model for Analysis of Urine Data from Simulated Wounds in Nonhuman Primatess — Deepesh Poudel, Raymond A. Guilmette, Kevin Konzen, Eric S. Krage, and Richard R. Brey


Niel Wald (1925 to 2015) — Allen Brodsky, David Wald, Francis J. Bradley, Ronald L. Kathren Kenneth L. Miller, and Stewart C. Bushong


Could Magnetic Fields Affect the Circadian Clock Function of Cryptochromes? Testing the Basic Premise of the Cryptochrome Hypothesis (ELF Magnetic Fields) — Jacques Vanderstraeten, Hynek Burda, Luc Verschaeve, and Christophe De Brouwer


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