Health Physics Society Journal

April 2016, Volume 110, Number 4

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On the cover: The main entrance to the WIPP site at dusk with loaded TRUPACT-II shipments arriving through the front gate. See the paper by Robert Bruce Hayes on page 342 for further information.



Quantitative Evaluation of an Air-Monitoring Network Using Atmospheric Transport Modeling and Frequency of Detection Methods — Arthur S. Rood, A. Jeffrey Sondrup, and Paul D. Ritter

Monte Carlo Modeling of Computed Tomography Ceiling Scatter for Shielding Calculations — Stephen Edwards and Daniel Schick

Consequence Assessment of the WIPP Radiological Release From February 2014 — Robert Bruce Hayes

Comparison of ICRP 67 and Other Plutonium Systemic Model Predictions With the Biokinetic Data From Nonhuman Primates — Deepesh Poudel, Eric Stephen Krage, Richard Ray Brey, and Raymond A. Guilmette

Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) for Biodosimetry Tools Employed in Operational Environments — Erin E. Milner, Eric G. Daxon, Michael T. Anastasio, John T. Nesler, Regina L. Miller, and William F. Blakely

Secondary Neutron Doses to Pediatric Patients During Intracranial Proton Therapy: Monte Carlo Simulation of the Neutron Energy Spectrum and Its Organ Doses — Shinnosuke Matsumoto, Yusuke Koba, Ryosuke Kohno, Choonsik Lee, Wesley E. Bolch, and Michiaki Kai

Assessment of Using 99Mo and 99mTc Isotopes in Kuwait Medical Sector — Naser Ali

Emesis as a Screening Diagnostic for Low Dose Rate (LDR) Total Body Radiation Exposure — Andrew S. Camarata, Jeffrey M. Switchenko, Eugene Demidenko, Ann B. Flood, Harold M. Swartz, and Arif N. Ali


Why We Need Nuclear Power: The Environmental Case — Daniel J. Strom


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