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March 2016, Volume 110, Number 3

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On the cover: The summary paper of the symposium is dedicated to its co-author, William (Bill) F. Morgan, who became acutely ill at his home right after the paper’s completion. Within a day he passed away on 13 November 2015. With great sadness, Tony Brooks and Ludwig Feinendegen dedicate this paper to Bill in memory of a uniquely wonderful friend and a world class scientist and leader in the field of radiation-biology.

SPECIAL ISSUE: Biological System Responses to Low-Dose Radiation Exposure — Scientific and Socioeconomic Implications



2015 Health Physics Society Symposium, 13-14 July 2015, Health Risks From Low Doses and Low Dose-Rates of Ionizing Radiation — Antone L. Brooks, William F. Morgan, and Ludwig E. Feinendegen


Is Ionizing Radiation Harmful at any Exposure? An Echo That Continues to Vibrate — Edouard I. Azzam, Nicholas W. Colangelo, Jason D. Domogauer, Neha Sharma, and Sonia M. de Toledo

Physical Considerations — Leslie A. Braby

The Integration of LNT and Hormesis for Cancer Risk Assessment Optimizes Public Health Protection — Edward J. Calabrese, Dima Yazji Shamoun, and Jaap C. Hanekamp

Health Risks From Low Doses and Low Dose-Rates of Ionizing Radiation. Session 5: Future of Radiation Protection Regulations — Donald A. Cool

Space Radiation Quality Factors and the Delta Ray Dose and Dose-Rate Reduction Effectiveness Factor — Francis A. Cucinotta, Eliedonna Cacao, and Murat Alp

Urgent Change Needed to Radiation Protection Policy — Jerry M. Cuttler

Inferences, Risk Modeling, and Prediction of Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation — Nicholas Dainiak

Future of Radiation Protection Regulations — Mohan Doss

Quantification of Adaptive Protection Following Low-dose Irradiation — Ludwig E. Feinendegen

Response of Biological Systems to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation — Tom K. Hei

Physical Considerations for Understanding Responses of Biological Systems to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Nucleosome Clutches Constitute a Heterogeneous Distribution of Target Volumes — Roger W. Howell

To Scan or not to Scan: Consideration of Medical Benefit in the Justification of CT Scanning — Cynthia H. McCollough

Compelling Issues Compounding the Understanding of Low Dose Radiation Effects: But Do They Matter? — William F. Morgan

Health Benefits of Exposure to Low-dose Radiation — Kanokporn Noy Rithidech

Magnification of Inter-individual Variation in Biological Responses After Low Doses and Dose-Rates of Ionizing Radiation — Paul F. Wilson

Low Dose Effects: Benefit or Harm? — Gayle E. Woloschak

The Neglected Side of the Coin: Quantitative Benefit-risk Analyses in Medical Imaging — Pat B. Zanzonico


William J. Bair (1924-2015) — Ronald L. Kathren


Assessment of the Point-source Method for Estimating Dose Rates to Members of the Public from Exposure to Patients with 131I Thyroid Treatment: Erratum


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