Health Physics Society Journal

January 2016, Volume 110, Number 1

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On the cover: Effect of very low dose fast neutrons on the comet tail moments of rats' leukocytes. See the paper by Sherif S. Nafee and colleagues on page 50 for more information.



Possible Influences of Spark Discharges on Cardiac Pacemakers — Leena Korpinen, Harri Kuisti, Hiroo Tarao, Vesa Virtanen, Rauno Pääkkönen, Thanh Dovan, and Robert Kavet

Strontium-90 Biokinetics From Simulated Wound Intakes in Non-Human Primates Compared With Combined Model Predictions From National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Report 156 and International Commission on Radiological Protection Publication 67 — Mark B. Allen, Richard R. Brey, Thomas Gesell, Dewayne Derryberry, and Deepesh Poudel

Validation of the Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Assay Using Imaging Flow Cytometry for High Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry — Matthew A. Rodrigues, Lindsay A. Beaton-Green, and Ruth C. Wilkins

Radiation Monitoring for the Masses — Eric Wagner, Rich Sorom, and Linda Wiles

Characterization of MOSFET Dosimeter Angular Response Using a Spherical Phantom for Fluoroscopic Dosimetry — Chu Wang, Kevin Hill, and Terry Yoshizumi

Effect of Very Low Dose Fast Neutrons on the DNA of Rats' Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Leukocytes — Sherif S. Nafee, Abdu Saeed, Salem A. Shaheen, Sufian M. El Assouli, M-Zaki El Assouli, and Gehan A. Raouf

Plutonium-DTPA Model Application With USTUR Case 0269 — Kevin Konzen, Richard Brey, and Scott Miller

Activity Concentrations and Dose Assessment of Gamma Emitting Radionuclides in Canned Tuna and Sardines Produced After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident — Zaid Q. Ababneh, Fahad I. Al-Masoud, and Anas M. Ababneh

Reliability of Questionnaire Data in the Distant Past: Relevance for Radiation Exposure Assessment — Vladimir Drozdovitch, Tatiana Kukhta, Victor Minenko, Sergey Trofimik, André Bouville, and Nancy Potischman


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