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December 2015, Volume 109, Number 6

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On the cover: The so-called "Hiroshima Lost Photograph," discovered in 2013 in a collection of photographs at Honkawa Elementary School (Hiroshima City). It is a rare ground-level photograph taken near the present-day city of Kaita, located approximately 10 km (6 mi) east of the Hiroshima hypocenter. The photograph shows both the fireball and stem clouds within a time regime of 2 to 3 min following the Hiroshima explosion. The rising fireball and the far field of its internal vortex flow pulled part of the upper stem into the space below the cap cloud. The cap cloud contained mainly fission products, and the stem cloud contained mainly neutron-activated soil from the hypocenter area directly beneath the clouds. See the paper by Kerr et al. on p. 582 for further information.



2015 Founders Award Memorialization — John C. Taschner — Citation by Ken Groves

2015 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal — Raymond A. Guilmette — Citation by Richard E. Toohey

2015 Distinguished Public Service Award — Charles M. Ferrell — Citation by Allen Brodsky and Darrell R. Fisher

2015 Health Physics Society Honor Roll — Stanley Waligora, Jr. — Citation by Nels Johnson, Bob Schoenfelder, Rick Haaker, and Mike Bradshaw

2015 Health Physics Society Honor Roll — James J. "Jim" Thompson — Citation by Walen Mickey, Karen Langley, Mark Hoover, Charles A. Potter, Michael Enghauser, Elizabeth Forbes, John Longley, Mark L. Miller, Michael Spoerner, and Elaine Marshall

2015 Health Physics Society Honor Roll — Rainier Haines Farmer — Citation by Michael Zittle

2015 Elda E. Anderson Award — Elizabeth Gillenwalters — Citation by Tom Hansen

2015 Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award — James Kofskie — Citation by David Simpson

2015 Health Physics Society 50-year Members

2015 Health Physics Society Fellow Members

2015 Military Health Physics Section Awards

2015 American Academy of Health Physics Awards

2015 Chapter Volunteer Awards

2014-15 Health Physics Society Student Travel Grant Recipients

2015 Working Group Chairs for Published HPS/ANSI Standards

2015 Health Physics Society Student Fellowships/Scholarships


Second Tumor Induction Risk in IMRT for Prostate Cancer: An Unbalanced Comparison Between Surgery and Radiotherapy? — Riccardo Calandrino, Lucia Perna, Maria Luisa Belli, Andrea Botti, Mauro Cattaneo, Claudio Fiorino, Cesare Cozzarini, and Mauro Iori

Dosimetric Uncertainties: Magnetic Field Coupling to Peripheral Nerve — Robert Kavet

A Dosimetry Study of Deuterium-deuterium Neutron Generator-based In Vivo Neutron Activation Analysis — Daniel Sowers, Yingzi Liu, Farshad Mostafaei, Scott Blake, and Linda H. Nie

A Study of Thyroid 131I Activity of Five Human Subjects Exposed to a Radioactive Plume at Tamura City in Fukushima — Koji Uchiyama, Masami Miyashita, Hitoshi Sato, Yoshinobu Tanishima, Shigenobu Maeda, Jun Yoshikawa, and Shinzo Kimura

Workshop Report on Atomic Bomb Dosimetry—Review of Dose Related Factors for the Evaluation of Exposures to Residual Radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki — George D. Kerr, Stephen D. Egbert, Isaf Al-Nabulsi, Ian K. Bailiff, Harold L. Beck, Irina G. Belukha, John E. Cockayne, Harry M. Cullings, Keith F. Eckerman, Evgeniya Granovskaya, Eric J. Grant, Masaharu Hoshi, Dean C. Kaul, Victor Kryuchkov, Daniel Mannis, Megu Ohtaki, Keiko Otani, Sergey Shinkarev, Steven L. Simon, Gregory D. Spriggs, Valeriy F. Stepanenko, Daniela Stricklin, Joseph F. Weiss, Ronald L. Weitz, Clemens Woda, Patricia R. Worthington, Keiko Yamamoto, and Robert W. Young


Novel Equipment for In Situ Alpha Spectrometry with Good Energy Resolution — Roy Pöllänen, Jani Turunen, Tero Karhunen, Kari Peräjärvi, Teemu Siiskonen, Markus Wirta, and Asko Turunen


Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields — William H. Bailey


A Simpler Alternative to the Probability Ratio Model for Simultaneous Source Detection and Count Rate Analysis — François LeMay

Response to LeMay — John Klumpp and Alexander Brandl


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