Health Physics Society Journal

October 2015, Volume 109, Number 4

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On the cover: Novel culture tube rack holding up to 50 15-mL conical tubes. See the paper by Guo Yan and colleagues on page 323 for further information.



Measurement of 238U and 232Th in Petrol, Gas-Oil and Lubricant Samples by Using Nuclear Track Detectors and Resulting Radiation Doses to the Skin of Mechanic Workers — M.A. Misdaq, A. Chaouqi, J. Ouguidi, R. Touti, and A. Mortassim

Compact Tissue-Equivalent Proportional Counter for Deep Space Human Missions — T. Straume, L.A. Braby, T.B. Borak, T. Lusby, D.W. Warner, and D. Perez-Nunez

Simulated Response of a Tissue-Equivalent Proportional Counter on the Surface of Mars — Jeremy D. Northum, Stephen B. Guetersloh, Leslie A. Braby, and John R. Ford

Dosimetry Support of the Ukrainian-American Case-Control Study of Leukemia and Related Disorders Among Chornobyl Cleanup Workers — Vadim Chumak, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Victor Kryuchkov, Elena Bakhanova, Natalya Babkina, Dimitry Bazyka, Natalya Gudzenko, Maureen Hatch, Natalya Trotsuk, Lydia Zablotska, Ivan Golovanov, Nickolas Luckyanov, Paul Voillequé, and André Bouville

Developing a Methodology for Determination of Elemental Composition of Shielding Materials — Matthew Blake Fitzmaurice, Craig M. Marianno, and Alexander A. Solodov

Proposed Modification to the Plutonium Systemic Model — Kevin Konzen, Scott Miller, and Richard Brey


Absorbed Dose Rates in Tissue From Prompt Gamma Emissions From Near-thermal Neutron Absorption — Scott O. Schwahn

A Simple Method for Human Whole Blood Microcultures and Its Application in Radiation Biodosimetry — Guo Yan, Zhang Wen, Gao Chaoxian, Hui Changye, Yang Xueqin, Yang Xinyue, and Li Zhimin


On Dose Reconstruction for the Million Worker Study: Status and Guidelines — Mehdi Sohrabi


Assessing the Effectiveness of Risk Communication for Maintenance Workers Who Deal With Induced Radioactivity Management of Medical Linear Accelerators: Erratum

Laser Safety Program Development at Texas A&M University — Issues and Challenges: Erratum


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