Health Physics Society Journal

September 2015, Volume 109, Number 3

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On the cover: Image of the female NURBS model (Zena). See the paper by Michael Stabin and colleagues on page 198 for further information.



Characteristics and Classification of Solid Radioactive Waste From the Front-End of the Uranium Fuel Cycle — Xinhua Liu, Fangxin Wei, Chunyan Xu, Yunxuan Liao, and Jing Jiang

Natural Uranium Tissue Content of Three Caucasian Males — Ronald L. Kathren and Sergei Y. Tolmachev

Two Realistic Beagle Models for Dose Assessment — Michael G. Stabin, Susan D. Kost, William P. Segars, and Raymond A. Guilmette

Laser Safety Program Development at Texas A&M University—Issues and Challenges — Latha Vasudevan, Daniel I. Menchaca, and James Tutt

Radiation Dose and Hazard Assessment of Potential Contamination Events During Use of 223Ra Dichloride in Radionuclide Therapy — Michael G. Stabin and Jeffry A. Siegel

Comparative Modeling Analysis of the Hematopoiesis Dynamics in Mammals Exposed to Nonuniform and Uniform Acute Irradiation — Olga A. Smirnova

Assessment of the Point-Source Method for Estimating Dose Rates to Members of the Public From Exposure to Patients with 131I Thyroid Treatment — Shaheen Azim Dewji, Michael Bellamy, Nolan Hertel, Richard Leggett, Sami Sherbini, Mohammad Saba, and Keith Eckerman

CCM-AMI, a Polyethylene Glycol Micelle With Amifostine, as an Acute Radiation Syndrome Protectant in C57BL/6 Mice — Chia-Hung Chen, Min-Liang Kuo, Jen-Ling Wang, Wei-Chuan Liao, Li-Ching Chang, Leong-Perng Chan, and Johnson Lin

Radiation Exposure of the Members of the Public From Patients Treated With 3.7 GBq and 1.85 GBq of 131I—May We Simply Divide by 2? — João António Miranda dos Santos, Vera Catarina Marques Antunes, and Luís Hugo da Silva Trindade Duarte


A Review of Joseph J. Mangano's Study on the Variation in Thyroid Cancer Incidence — Paul A. Giardina, Matthew J. Laurita, and Shikhar K. Shah


Erratum: Health Physics, Vol. 109, No. 1, July 2015, Supplement


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