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August 2015, Volume 109, Number 2

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On the cover: This image shows alignment of gamma-H2AX foci along more or less straight-line tracks as expected for these ions. The foci with color indicate a total of 52 foci per 4 keratinocytes or 13 foci per keratinocyte. These four cells are a tiny sample of the 236 cells that were quantified to give an overall average of 7.88 foci per keratinocyte for this type of radiation and dose. See the paper by Fredric J. Burns and colleagues on page 157 for more information.



Correlation Between Exposure Rate and Residual Activity in Felines Undergoing 131I Thyroid Ablation Therapy — T. Michael Martin, Latha Vasudevan, and Sunil S. Chirayath

Numerical Analysis of Organ Doses Delivered During Computed Tomography Examinations Using Japanese Adult Phantoms With the WAZA-ARI Dosimetry System — Fumiaki Takahashi, Kaoru Sato, Akira Endo, Koji Ono, Nobuhiko Ban, Takayuki Hasegawa, Yasushi Katsunuma, Takayasu Yoshitake, and Michiaki Kai

Determination of 226Ra Activity Using Gamma Spectrometry With 226Ra-222Rn Disequilibrium — Qi Li, Shilian Wang, Yungang Zhao, Shujiang Liu, Yuanqing Fan, Jianfang Shi, Huaimao Jia, and Weixiang Yu

Public Exposure From Indoor Radiofrequency Radiation in the City of Hebron, West Bank-Palestine — Adnan Lahham, Afefeh Sharabati, and Hussien ALMasri

Estimating Annual Individual Doses for Evacuees Returning Home to Areas Affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident — Kazuaki Yajima, Osamu Kurihara, Yasushi Ohmachi, Masashi Takada, Yasutaka Omori, Keiichi Akahane, Eunjoo Kim, Masami Torikoshi, Hidenori Yonehara, Satoshi Yoshida, Kazuo Sakai, and Makoto Akashi

Experimental Quantification of Delayed Radiation-Induced Organ Damage in Highly Irradiated Rats With Bone Marrow Protection: Effect of Radiation Dose and Organ Sensitivity — François-Xavier Boittin, Patrick Martigne, Jean-François Mayol, Josiane Denis, Florent Raffin, David Coulon, Nancy Grenier, Michel Drouet, and Francis Hérodin

Assessing the Effectiveness of Risk Communication for Maintenance Workers Who Deal With Induced Radioactivity Management of Medical Linear Accelerators — Hiroshi Watanabe, Yoshiaki Maehara, Toshioh Fujibuchi, Mitsue Koizumi, Ichiro Yamaguchi, Tetsuo Kida, Masaya Ooyama, Genki Horitsugi, Hitoshi Hiraki, Atsuko Tsukamoto, and Jyun Itami

Linking Gamma-H2AX Foci and Cancer in Rat Skin Exposed to Heavy Ions and Electron Radiation — Fredric J. Burns, Moon-shong Tang, Feng Wu, and Ernst Schmid

Evaluating the Radiation From Accidental Exposure During a Nondestructive Testing Event — Chien-Yi Ting, Hsin-Ell Wang, Jao-Perng Lin, and Chun-Chih Lin


New ANSI Standard for Thyroid Phantom — Michael W. Mallett, Wesley E. Bolch, Philip C. Fulmer, Tracy M. Jue, David E. McCurdy, Mike Pillay, and X. George Xu


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