Health Physics Society Journal

June 2015, Volume 108, Number 6

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On the cover: The Pu-DTPA biokinetic model, presented at the 18th Annual John Horan Memorial Symposium on 12 April 2014 in Pocatello, Idaho. See the paper by Kevin Konzen and Richard Brey on page 565 for more information.



Development of the Plutonium-DTPA Biokinetic Model — Kevin Konzen and Richard Brey

A Novel Algorithm for Solving the True Coincident Counting Issues in Monte Carlo Simulations for Radiation Spectroscopy — Fada Guan, Jesse M. Johns, Latha Vasudevan, Guoqing Zhang, Xiaobin Tang, John W. Poston, Sr., and Leslie A. Braby

Image Optimization in Digital Dental Radiography — Kelli J. Silverstrim, Erich Schneider, and Christopher van der Hoeven

Radon and Thoron Measured in Petrol and Gas-Oil Exhaust Fumes by Using CR-39 and LR-115 II Nuclear Track Detectors: Radiation Doses to the Respiratory Tract of Mechanic Workers — M.A. Misdaq, A. Chaouqi, J. Ouguidi, R. Touti, and A. Mortassim

Preliminary Experiments Using a Passive Detector for Measuring Indoor 220Rn Progeny Concentrations With an Aerosol Chamber — Atsuyuki Sorimachi, Shinji Tokonami, Chutima Kranrod, and Tetsuo Ishikawa


Medical Countermeasures for Radiation Exposure and Related Injuries: Characterization of Medicines, FDA-Approval Status and Inclusion Into the Strategic National Stockpile — Vijay K. Singh, Patricia L.P. Romaine, and Thomas M. Seed


Do We Really Need a Program to Compensate Aviation Crewmembers for Radiation-Induced Cancer? — Alan Fellman

Response to Fellman — Edward T. Bramlitt and Joseph J. Shonka


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