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May 2015, Volume 108, Number 5

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On the cover: Dr. Andy Herring leads a heifer through the Bovine Screening Portal at the Texas A&M University O.D. Butler, Jr. Animal Science Complex. The Bovine Screening Portal is a radiation portal monitor for screening livestock after a nuclear incident. See paper by J. Erchinger and colleagues on page 485 for more information.



Development of a Customized Radiation Monitor for Livestock Screening — J. Erchinger, C. Marianno, and A. Herring

Myeloid Leukemia Risk Assessment and Dynamics of the Granulocytopoietic System in Acutely and Continuously Irradiated Humans: Modeling Approach — O.A. Smirnova

Twenty-Five Years of Environmental Radionuclide Concentrations Near a Nuclear Power Plant — Charles Harris, Danielle Kreeger, Ruth Patrick, and John Palms

The High Dose Response and Functional Capability of the DT-702/Pd Lithium Fluoride Thermoluminescent Dosimeter  Tyler M. Lawlor, Molly D. Talmadge, Mark M. Murray, Martin E. Nelson, Andrew C. Mueller, Alexander A. Romanyukha, Gregory R. Fairchild, Matthew D. Grypp, and Anthony S. Williams

Use of Radiopharmaceuticals in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine in the United States: 1960–2010  Vladimir Drozdovitch, Aaron B. Brill, Ronald J. Callahan, Jeffrey A. Clanton, Allegra DePietro, Stanley J. Goldsmith, Bennett S. Greenspan, Milton D. Gross, Marguerite T. Hays, Stephen C. Moore, James A. Ponto, Walton W. Shreeve, Dunstana R. Melo, Martha S. Linet, and Steven L. Simo

Breath Biomarkers of Whole-Body Gamma Irradiation in the Göttingen Minipig — Michael Phillips, Renee N. Cataneo, Anirudh Chaturvedi, Peter D. Kaplan, Mark Libardoni, Mayur Mundada, Urvish Patel, Karla D. Thrall, and Xiang Zhang


Long-Lived Gamma Emitting Radionuclides in Palm Dates and Estimates of Annual Effective Doses — Tareq Alrefae


A Report From the 2013 International Symposium: The Evaluation of the Effects of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure in the Life-Span Study of Atomic Bomb Survivors and Other Similar Studies — E.J. Grant, K. Ozasa, N. Ban, A. Berrington de González, J. Cologne, H.M. Cullings, K. Doi, K. Furukawa, T. Imaoka, K. Kodama, N. Nakamura, O. Niwa, D.L. Preston, P. Rajaraman, A. Sadakane, S. Saigusa, R. Sakata, T. Sobue, H. Sugiyama, R. Ullrich, R. Wakeford, S. Yasumura, C.M. Milder, and R.E. Shore


Comment on GEANT4 Calibration of Gamma Spectrometry Efficiency for Measurements of Airborne Radioactivity on Filter Paper — Jim Bogard

Response to Comment on GEANT4 Calibration of Gamma Spectrometry Efficiency for Measurements of Airborne Radioactivity on Filter Paper — Tareq Alrefae

Aircraft Crewmember Doses Should Be Measured — Edward T. Bramlitt and Joseph J. Shonka

Response to Bramlitt and Shonka — Gerhard Frasch, Lothar Kammerer, Ralf Karofsky, Andrea Schlosser, and Ralf Stegemann


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